Mr. Gray Was Around Before Gray Was Cool.

gray crayon


When I was in elementary school, my principal was named Mr. Gray. I was very confused about how to spell his last name and I am still confused. Is Gray the color or is Grey the name? Or is Grey the color and Gray is the name? Despite his perhaps wrongly spelled last name, Mr. Gray was as serious as possible.


Perhaps he was just living up to his name. Gray name/ gray personality/gray suit/gray car/gray briefcase. Mr. Gray was truly gray or maybe truly grey. I knew his daughter even though she was already a teenager. She was a friend of my neighbor. She was not gray at all. In fact, she was purple or maybe a better word…the total magenta girl. She actually laughed and talked.


The story goes that Mr. Gray was not a gray sort of guy at home. He told funny stories and sang silly songs. This is what my neighbor said. I have no proof whatsoever. I cannot imagine Mr. Gray sitting on top of a dunking booth at the Fall carnival. My principal when I first started teaching public school could hardly wait for the dunking booth. He also sang a crazy “good morning” song on the loudspeaker for morning announcements. He even dressed up like a scarecrow and like a bunny at the appropriate times of the year.


I  wish Mr. Gray had been brave enough to get all of the children laughing. We were afraid of him. Nowadays, principals at the best schools…well, this is my personal opinion…let the students get to know a real person with a real personality. They are admired and appreciated and the children look up to them as role models. At least, that is the way it is supposed to work! Just my idea…one of my crazy ideas! Therefore…


Gray is just not cool in school!

Purple is a cool color in school!

This color blue is a cool color in school!

Orange is a cool color in school…especially in Texas!

Gray is simply not a cool color in school!

However…Gray is the coolest color around in some places…like in fashion magazines and decorating magazines. If you have a gray kitten…you are really cool! I do not have a gray kitten!


 Some cool pictures of cool gray things…


6 thoughts on “Mr. Gray Was Around Before Gray Was Cool.

  1. In the dictionary – Gray is Grey. Once had a teacher named Mrs. Slaughter when I was in the 2nd grade. She had scars on her neck where they removed a thyroid goiter. She was mean and she was scary. Ha

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