Find that fork. Please.

I have decided to reblog my disturbing (only to me) post about the great fork disappearance at our house. I have now spent months looking for the seven short forks. WHERE ARE THEY???


I have a problem. Some people might even call it an addiction. No, no… nothing illegal. My mother taught me to be a good girl. Sure was a long time ago. However, sometimes I can’t pass up a good Margarita…especially at Joe T’s in Fort Worth. Look it up…you might visit Texas one day. But, that is not my problem.

My problem is forks. Not long forks. Not tiny forks that you might use for shrimp cocktail. Shrimp are not a personal friend of mine, but I know about the forks. I guess that I am right on that. My problem deals with short forks that are really made for salads or desserts. Well…I am not sure about that, but I think that I sort of have the correct use. I don’t know a lot of fork facts. I am crazy about short forks for every meal. They work better…

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