It Seems Everyone Has This Recipe. Except Me.

 going for supper

 This is absolutely ridiculous! I am the somewhat crazy person who actually reads cookbooks as if they are one of the newest bestselling novels. I continuously search for new recipes on websites. I should have known about this recipe. I should have at least heard about it. I have begun to think that there is a conspiracy brewing about good recipes. “Shhh! Don’t let her know about this one! Hide it! Don’t mention the recipe EVER!”…so sad that my addiction to recipes has led to this disturbance! Just kidding!!!

The following is the account of how I happened upon this wonderful and easy recipe…we were at our farm last weekend and our very good friends asked us to come over for dinner. These friends are part of the large family that we have spent every Thanksgiving with for forty years! When I met my husband, they had already spent years of Thanksgivings together while they were all growing up. We honestly think that we are truly relatives.



Thanksgiving at our farm!

To understand this family and friend situation, here is the link for my Thanksgiving post…

Two Families. One Thanksgiving.

When we were asked to come over for dinner, I asked what I could bring…I was told just to bring my husband. Of course, I would bring my husband. Actually, he would be bringing me. I drive his large (well, large to me) truck so incredibly poorly that I would certainly need to alert the local authorities if I was on the road. As it turned out, their son and daughter-in-law were cooking dinner for everyone…a recipe they had been making recently and that they absolutely loved!

I am not kidding…this recipe is really, really good! If you already know about it and have been making it for 10 or 15 years…I am just not with the program!


chicken, green beans, potatoes casserole



Chicken, Green Beans and Red Potatoes…Best Ever Casserole!


3 skinless chicken breasts, cut in half

2 cans green beans (French Style actually works better…chosen by our cooks the other night!)

6 large cut up red skin potatoes in quarters (or smaller if you like!)

1 package Zesty Italian dressing mix

1 stick melted butter


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Place chicken breasts in the middle of a 9×13 inch pan. Place green beans on one side and the potatoes on the other side. Sprinkle the Italian dressing mix all over the top. Drizzle the entire stick of melted butter over it. Season lightly with salt, pepper, garlic if you choose.

Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.


And that is all there is to it! Easy and quick and delicious!   




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