Thank You A Bunch!!!


 I can hardly believe it…200 posts!

I was not sure that I could write even one post that anyone would want to read. I just knew that I liked to write and that I was determined to try putting together a blog!


Thank you so much for reading my blog and for being so welcoming to me during the past year!


world peace children


Writing my posts has been a total joy! Plus the joy of meeting so many friends from around the world has been amazing and I realize that amazing can be a cliché word. However, amazing is how I feel about all of you.

Your heartfelt writing has inspired me and made me stop and think. Your writing has warmed my heart and has given me a much more stronger faith in the immense amount of sheer kindness existing that our world.

I am not naive or even an outlier. I realize that there are so many conflicts and controversies of large magnitude. As a result of writing my blog, I now realize that direct communication by written word is a catalyst for powerful change and/or understanding.


tree and children


Thank you again!!





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