No Denial: Self Discovery for Children.

The Wonderful things you will be

Parents are sometimes in denial on who their child will grow up to be. As a teacher, I would often  want to say to them:  “Parents…don’t you see the writing on the wall?” Actually, I did not say those actual words and they were not meant literally at all. I wanted the parents to get to truly know their child, to appreciate their child’s individuality, to be realistic about their child’s talents and to attempt to support their child thru the ups and downs of growing up. Parents need to lead their child along a path of self discovery.

What a tall order for a young parent of an early elementary age child! With each year, it seems to get more difficult to truly know your child…to let them know that you are actually “there” for them. Today your child is five or six years old…in what seems like a year or two…you are looking at a grown up replica of that five or six year old.

You simply do not have time for denial about your child! You simply do not have time for denial about your child’s personal weaknesses and strengths!


Just recently, I happened upon a children’s book that will hopefully encourage children and their parents during the early developmental years…


The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Written by Emily Winfield Martin


page one


page two


page three


page four



And then I’ll look at you and you’ll

look at me and I’ll love you, whoever

you’ve grown up to be.


6 thoughts on “No Denial: Self Discovery for Children.

  1. Funny my kids and I often talk about this…especially when I was pregnant with my first (daughter) I THOUGHT I wanted this fu fu little girlie girl ballerina daughter…however, thank GOD he didn’t give me that!!! I would NOT have been a good Mom to a kid like that in (quick) retrospect and what he DID give me in both of my kids is a zillion times better than any of my ideas for sure!!! Both have gifts and unique querks I couldnt have ever better hand picked!!! Great post – I am so grateful for my kids just the perfect way they are!!

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    • Thanks! Can’t believe that you also wanted a girlie girl! I did too!! Our daughter has always been a “tomboy”! No way would she ever wear pretty bows to go with the oh so precious dresses that I bought her! When she was about three…she started wanting to put out her own clothes for the next day. She would invariably have these items…red cowboy boots, blue jean shorts, a western shirt from our son’s room, a cowboy hat and our son’s belt-holster-toy gun! Justin would yell across the house… she did it again! She has on my stuff! Help!! Oh dear! I will say that she chose a very “girly girl” wedding dress two years ago! She is fun and outgoing and and so very independent! She and our son were so close and yet total opposites! He was quiet and retrospective and a free spirit! Both joyful in different ways!

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  2. And that as a parent is the most important message of all; I”ll love you whoever you grow up to be”
    Too often that is sadly not the case ☹️

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