Your Past Catches Up Sooner or Later!


You can never really escape your past…no matter how far you roam or how cleverly you hide your mistakes. Sooner or later…someone will find out about any misdeeds or perhaps any triumphs. One answer might be…be careful to stay on the steady path…the lawful path, the fair and kind path, the knowledge seeking path, the rewarding path of helping the less fortunate.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a life full of triumphs, try to gracefully accept every compliment and attempt to stay away from boasting. I am inclined to think that bragging places you precariously on the edge of misdeeds.

It appears to me that we have heard enough bragging from politicians, news reporters and various celebrities recently. Why be one of them? Be one of you!  There are  zero people who are perfect. Not you, not me, not your co-workers, not your friends, not your congressman and not Donald Trump. Everyone has a time when they said or did something that could be described as a misdeed…whether a small or large misdeed.


Remember…sooner or later…your past will catch up with you!


stevenson two

“Later”…what an interesting topic for a prompt. I was reminded of a Robert Louis Stevenson quote that I read when I was in college…a quote can speak to many of us…


“Sooner or later we all sit down to a banquet of circumstances.”


What are your hidden circumstances? Your hidden agenda? Your hidden hopes? Your hidden dreams? Some other thoughts from Robert Louis Stevenson that relate to these questions…


“To forget oneself is to be happy.”


“An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding.”


“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”


“So long as we love to serve; so long as we are loved by others, I would almost say that we are indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend.”


“In each of us, two natures are at war– the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer. But in our own hands lies the power to choose–what we want most to be–we are.”




It is up to us what will be on our banquet of circumstances…sooner or later. It is our individual choice.



6 thoughts on “Your Past Catches Up Sooner or Later!

    • Your dad is right…I was told the same thing by my parents. We were to follow “The Golden Rule”! I like Facebook…to keep up with friends and to see pictures! I could not believe the things that my cousin was saying and what her friends were saying back. I finally told her that my grandmother (really her great-grandmother) would never have approved of such language. She would have had a fit…she lived in Nashville, but her family was originally from Ireland and she meant business!!!

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  1. Amen to that! I’m a firm believer in karma and have had it happen to me both ways – judgement of other people usually ends up wrong both good and bad. With regard to the whole Trump thing – im all about people having voices but I’m hating to see life long friends at war, gotta respect each other’s views, etc. Great words and post!

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    • Thank you! I am all for free speech so that people can use their voice and say their opinion. But…with that privilege comes the necessary time to listen to the other side. I even have a cousin who decided not to talk to me on Facebook…take my name off… because I did not particularly agree with her hateful language that she posted…for the immediate world to read. She lives in a different state, so I don’t often see her. The whole thing is so ridiculous!


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