Fence Making 101.

My husband mentioned last week that we would need to build a new corral for the miniature donkeys that I hope to get…when we move to our farm. I was reminded of this post from last summer! OH NO! A FENCE? AM I TO HELP? TROUBLE! You will understand after you read the post!!!



I do not know how to fix fences. I can’t fix the fence around our backyard if it were to fall down.  I certainly can’t fix any of the (way too many) fences at our farm. I have been going to my husband’s family farm since before we were married. Normal people would have learned how to at least help mend a fence in a time period of over 40 years. I do not even touch the fences. I can sometimes do a good job of opening gates.

Before opening a gate, I ask and make certain that I have the right key or combination for the lock. I am very leery of anything that has to do with a fence. When we had been married about five years or so, my mother-in-law asked me to go to the nearest “big” town to buy some items important for fence making…

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