Tiny Houses…Yes? No? Maybe?

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Or maybe a better question would be…why?! Why have a completely minimal amount of space? Why sleep in a loft where you cannot sit up without almost smashing thru the roof? Why have a kitchen that is really a living room that is actually a bedroom that is also a closet? Talk about an open house plan! In a tiny househardly anything is closed off…most everything you see is what you get! 


What about gaining freedom from too much of a mortgage…or freedom from paying rent to someone you might not even know or…what about freedom from paying a fee to an architect!


Ah!!! Possibly no debt for your living space. And that idea pays off in extra money to live the life that you perhaps have always dreamed about. Take off for NYC to see a Broadway show? Sure! Ride a donkey down into the Grand Canyon? Sure! This weekend? Travel to Savannah, Georgia just to have lunch at Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room? Certainly!


A Gallery of Tiny House Interiors…



On the other hand, living in a tiny house makes life very simple. You might not even want to travel and see the world. You might want to give of your resources and your time to important causes in your area. Whatever your life choice…it is highly likely that you will be adding positive feedback to the environment. Think about the results of living in a tiny house…you would have less water usage and the possibility of generating your own electricity.


And how about putting your house on a trailer and moving from place to place? Hey! Now that is an idea!


A Gallery of Tiny Houses…



Really…a tiny house might not work at all for us! However…I can see one at a lake in the Ozarks or in the Blue Ridge Mountains! A little place to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful outdoors…another idea to think about!







8 thoughts on “Tiny Houses…Yes? No? Maybe?

  1. Lived in tiny trailers as a kid whose father followed construction 8 x 38 feet – 2 adults, 4 kids. Its possible and it was fun traveling all over. My home right now is 970 sq. ft. so it is not hard to clean. Think the tiny house thing is great. Saw they were setting courts with 10 or 20 of these tiny trailers up for homeless vets. Wonderful.


  2. A nice idea for ONE person…like a college student! I couldn’t do this for long-term..no way!
    Don’t they have to buy or rent the “land” to put their tiny house on? God forbid if they’re in a bad storm….I’d think they would just blow away.

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    • That’s what I think! I would think that they would need to buy or rent land for the tiny house. On HGTV, they have the Tiny House show and some of those people put their houses on land that belongs to family or friends. I suppose if they are on a trailer, they can stay at KOA locations. Not sure about that! We have too much stuff for one…that is for sure! Plus…I like to have room for family and friends… especially at our farm! Double plus… you are right…tiny houses would be awful in a bad storm!

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  3. I think the tiny houses are really cute and clever……for a vacation home on a lake or in the mountains. I am not sure I could live in one as my always home. Where would my kids go when it was Christmas time? Where would the grandkids play?
    They are really cool though.

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    • I agree…I like to have room for family and friends. We had so many to stay at our farmhouse at Thanksgiving that we rented a travel trailer that would sleep six. I thought it was so pretty and the children loved it. Not very expensive to rent it for a few days… not as much as I thought it would be or we would have said “forget it”!The children thought that it was their playhouse during the day! We have thought about building a very small cabin at the farm for a bunkhouse. Just one room, a bathroom and bunks. We visited a friend’s ranch last weekend and they had redone an old bunkhouse like that. Nothing fancy, but looked so cute!!

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      • I think the bunkhouse would be so neat! We thought about that we could rent it out for a few days at a time…for families. We would need to have the cattle and especially Longhorns…which Mike intends to do anyway! I will have my precious little miniature donkeys and my chickens! And the trails etc.The guests need something fun to do! I MUST get the chickens…you are so ahead of me!!! I don’t know about the breakfast part!! My friend who has the very cool B&B in Virginia fixes wonderful breakfasts for their guests! I don’t know about that! I am thinking that you and my Virginia friend (Suzanne) would get along famously! Very much alike it seems! Maybe you and Lar can go for a trip over there! Besides, it is near Monticello…so interesting! See..I am now your travel agent!

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