Too Bad. Too Late for Brackets.

March Madnesss

I might have filled out a bracket for the NCAA Final Four March Madness (is that what you call it?), but I need to take Bracket Training. Training as in a Bracket Tutoring Session…like the tutoring we have in schools for students who are simply not prepared enough for the state testing. Since I am so totally against state testing, I may not be a true basketball fan. It may be that basketball and state testing go hand in hand. As in…you better win (coaches or principals) or you may not have a job next year…in both cases.




James Corden trying to fill out a bracket…so funny!

Don’t get me wrong…I am competitive beyond belief. I am watching the Northwestern/Gonzaga game  and I am about on the verge of a mental disaster. It is really wild and I am not even sure where Gonzaga is located, but I think they are from Spokane, Washington. And I really believe that I would like Spokane. However, my brother went to a Northwestern banking seminar every summer for several years. He would have definitely been going out for Northwestern.

Just 52.9 seconds left. I have not even decided who I am really for in this game. This is why I could not have filled out a bracket. I would have to take into consideration any connection that I might have with each school. That bit of an ordeal might take weeks to accomplish and I would have a short amount of time to complete this task. It is just too much for me…much like this game.

Now 39.2 seconds left. Oh good…a time-out. Now there are 32.something seconds left. Now 27.5. Now 19.4. Now 14.1. The announcer said that time is really running out for Northwestern. Six point difference at 11.5 seconds left. Now 3.7 seconds left.


And there it is…the buzzer. Gonzaga! A group of  young boys in Northwestern shirts are sobbing. This is a very good lesson boys! You can’t win every time. Just as the announcer said…it is not the end for Northwestern…is the beginning of developing their program!

But, back to me…I am completely exhausted after that game. Sweating. Out of breath. OK…I will admit it…the game was exciting. Maybe I will figure out how to fill out a bracket next year. Donald Trump perhaps should fill one out too…what a controversial decision he made this year! If I put out the effort…then he can too!




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