Still miss the children. Always a teacher.

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It is true. I have missed the children at school each and every day since I retired last June. I miss the teachers and their friendly voices and strong opinions. I miss the friendly greetings each morning from the children, the teachers, my teaching assistant, the principal, the assistant principal, the office clerk, the secretary, the nurse, the security leader-always looking out for the children’s safety, the building manager & her custodians and of course-the parents. Perhaps, I might not ever really conquer missing the children. It is most likely very typical for me to miss the cherished task of teaching joyful children!

Honestly, I could barely walk from my car to the side door of the building without a parent or child calling out my name. Every teacher was usually greeted that way. The families love the neighborhood school and many attended the same school when they were young. I loved the school too…more than I ever realized. It is true that I did not like non-positive interference from the administration building when we had visitors from “downtown”. The following is an actual scenario in my classroom last year…

Them: “Mrs. Davis! Why are you having the children complete a worksheet?” Me: “It’s not a worksheet. It is a six page book that they are learning to read. Don’t worry. It truly aligns with the curriculum.” Them: “It is a worksheet.” Me: “You are standing by the door. How can see what they are working on? Walk over to a table and sit down with them. They will tell you what they are doing! Maybe one of them will want to read the book to you. Remember! They are barely five years old. Lots of them are starting to read!” Them: “That is impossible.” Me (politely): “You must not believe in these children! Most of them speak two languages! Give us some credit for working as smart and as hard as we can! Give me some credit!” Them: (while shutting the door and walking out): “Teachers. They get on my nerves.”

That is the exact moment that I decided to go ahead and retire…five years before I planned to retire. Because of a back injury in a car accident, I was totally uncomfortable all of the time. The pain tended to be severe. If I retired…I could have more time for serious physical therapy. If I retired…I could write this blog. If I retired…I could write the book that I have planned for so long. I know that without the back injury, I would have stayed. There is no doubt about that. Difficult decision, but really no choice.

However…If I retired…I would not have to listen to the people from “downtown”  complaining about something that did not exist. If I retiredI would not have to be upset because our scores were high and not even one person commended us. If I retiredI would not have to be upset because the children were excited about learning and not one person seemed to notice. If I retiredI would not have to be upset because my class was building a very strong foundation and not one person really realized what was going on.


teacher with bookscirclePromethean


If a person from “downtown” simply stands at the door and does not walk over and talk with the children…how will “downtown” ever really know the potential of these children? They will not know, but I know. And that is what matters the most. They did not know that I always try to talk with many students and parents from all of my past classes. But I know. They did not know that I put my whole heart into that classroom. But I know. And that very fact is what is important.

Yes…I miss the children and the teachers each and every day. I miss encouraging the children and the parents. I miss the laughter. I am certain that the laughter is what I miss the most. To retire before I had planned to retire was a difficult decision, but the right decision for many reasons. I would not want to “get on the nerves” of someone from downtown. Far be it for me to make them unhappy…just because I happened to always be putting the children first!


9 thoughts on “Still miss the children. Always a teacher.

  1. It makes me soooo angry when I hear some of the stories my niece, who is also a teacher, tells me about what the “administration” says, does and expects of the teachers. What happened to good old common sense and judging by actually SPEAKING to the children to see what they are learning, etc.! One method of teaching is NOT effective for every single child NOR teacher!!! I get that there needs to be certain subject matter covered by grade, etc. but how about letting the TEACHER decide HOW to go about TEACHING those requirements how THEY see fit and see the results?! Absolute power absolutely corrupts! Urr!

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    • You are absolutely correct and…of course…. I agreed with you from the first sentence! I received my master’s in Educational Administration and took a position as a Literacy Coach. I spent every Friday…all day…in a leadership team meeting at my school where people argued for hours. Tuesdays or Thursday were usually meetings and training at the administration building and other places. After all that, I might have a bit of time for the teachers and children! I saw what the real world at the ad. building was like as well as the leadership at my school. Push, push, push. Not at all acceptable. I have my Principal certificate, but I decided to go back to the classroom. That made some downtown people very, very unhappy because they had spent money training me with their methods! Since I did not agree with any of those methods, I refused to continue on that career path! So…when I went back to the classroom about nine years ago…I was determined to do things my way depending on the students in my classes and their needs. Frankly, my biggest concern was that the children’s basic needs were not being addressed away from school…food, safety, nurturing and so on. Until those are met…learning will not move forward. So that was my immediate goal each year. Oh dear…now I am in my lecture mode!!! Anyway…you made a totally wonderful and much appreciated comment!!!


      • That’s so pitiful! You have to wonder how many fantastic teachers are now in other careers due to all the politics and ridiculousness on behalf of the Administration nonsense!!! You know I’ve often thought,,,,why don’t THEY call some random parents instead and ask THEM what their kids are learning and speak with the CHILDREN too?! Observe a class and see what these teachers are up against!! Urr!

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  2. Teachers are amazing people! If I had gone to college and had a career I would have been a teacher also. Kids are such little sponges and usually pretty full of life, love and hope. I have a feeling you were one of those teachers that when you quit, parents cried.

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    • Thank you so much! Teaching was an amazing experience and I was so close to the children and parents and the teachers. Well…guess I still am! The problem with the admin. bldg. people is really real. So many teachers have quit. The conversation is word for word how it happened. I will never forget…and it was someone I had known for several years. She knew good and well that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing and that the children were totally focused. You know…some people get a new position and the obsession with power takes over! That is why I did not stay on a literacy coach and went back to the classroom. I saw how people changed as they moved up the ladder. Was not worth it to me! It is usually not like this in a small district…at least, not so much. My district, of course, was huge! Honestly…I have said before that I believe that you would be one of those totally amazing teachers!

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      • My son is dating a first grade teacher….I love hearing her talk about “her kids”. I can tell she loves them and really cares what they turn out like.
        I guess I spent my days teaching my sons random things that may or may not be useful lol
        They have all turned into wonderful young men.

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      • Your boys sound ideal to me! I taught my children at school and my two at home totally random things! Actually, that gets them interested in learning all sorts of other things! I like it that your son is dating a first grade teacher! That means that she most likely is very nurturing…especially since she calls them “her kids”!!!!!!

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