Innate Vision…A Gift?


It seems that some people are born with an innate vision for their future. Others struggle daily to find a vision for their next week or even for their afternoon. What is the source for innate vision? Perhaps from a higher power, some would say. Perhaps from ancestry, some would say. Perhaps from good parenting, some would say. Perhaps from determination, some would say. Perhaps from extended education, some would say. Perhaps just from luck of the draw, some would say.

I am thinking that vision comes from a combination of all of the above in differing degrees of percentage. I have always been fascinated by those endowed with vision. They are usually planners and organizers. They are rarely driven by popular public opinion. They are confident and not bothered by change. They have depth of thinking and depth of nerve. Visionaries are fascinating individuals. At least, I find them fascinating. Others may find them besieged by prideful decisions.

Maybe this is the misunderstood part…the decisions of those filled with vision are sometimes considered controversial. It might be that they take pride in stirring up differing opinions. But…where would we be without the visionaries such as…

  1. Walt Disney. My favorite television show as a child was The Wonderful World of Color on Sunday nights. Actually, Walt Disney and his collaborators were the creators of many favorites from my childhood…The Mickey Mouse Club, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, my Mickey Mouse ears…just to name a view. And I could hardly wait to ride the “teacups” at Disney World! We need more joy in our lives and Walt Disney provided the basis for so much joy!

My favorite quote from Walt Disney…



     2. Frank Lloyd Wright. I have been buying house plan         books since I was in elementary  school. When I discovered houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright, I was hooked on design. He understood the value of natural light before people realized that they needed natural light. Frank Lloyd Wright believed in open concept before people realized that it might be a good idea to view the rest of the house from the kitchen.

My favorite quote from Frank Lloyd Wright: 


What is your Vision?


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