Aware and Tired of Disdain.



I understand why I am not caring so much for politics these days. The reason why I understand my feelings is because I clearly do not understand all of the constant disdain. Continuous disdain is not the answer to the problems. I understand because I do not understand. That is how I feel every time I turn on the news and have to hear about the results and ramifications of the political decisions again.

I am more than a little aware of the immigration controversy. I am more than a little aware of families who have easily and illegally crossed the Rio Grande to seek a better life. I am more than a little aware that illegal immigrants who have criminal records should not be allowed to stay. I am more than a little aware the some of these illegal immigrants with criminal records have repeatedly returned to the United States. I am more than a little aware that deportation and division of families is a heartbreaking occurrence. I am more than a little aware that…no matter what…the laws of our country must be followed. I am well aware that communication and information assistance is needed to help these immigrants assimilate in a legal manner.

I have never been a proponent of discrimination in any shape or form. I am certainly a proponent of people understanding and following the proper procedures for entering and staying in our country or any other country. Dealing with immigration in accordance to the laws of the United States is not an injustice.

However, there is injustice throughout the world. Injustice towards women. Injustice towards those who believe differently from the immediate majority surrounding them. Injustice from the majority to the minority. Injustice from the minority to the majority. Injustice towards innocent children. Injustice towards the disabled. Injustice towards the homeless. Injustice never seems to stop.

All we can really do is to change some small portion of our personal world. Little by little. And hope that someone comes along who would like to join us. And hope that someone cares enough to pay it forward.


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