Caddo Lake. Part Texas. Part Louisiana.


Caddo has been called an “incredibly lush lake” on the state park website.


Caddo Lake is located in East Texas and crosses into Louisiana. The mysterious lake is wrapped in a murky green swamp appearance. Caddo looks like it might be out of an eerie movie that you are slighty hesitant to watch, but you feel compelled to finish. Caddo is an ideal place for nature study for serious and amateur enthusiasts. Sometimes, it is an ideal place to be frightened by nature. At other times, Caddo causes a visitor to be mesmerized and appreciative of the lush foliage, the cypress trees moving slightly in the breeze and the abundance of wildlife. Unusual birds, large fish and even larger alligators will look back at you from the water that encircles the tangled webs of vines and trees.




Caddo Lake State Park has included on their visitor information the following intriguing description of Caddo Lake:

“Thick bald cypress and a tangle of aquatic plants thrive in the waters at Caddo Lake State Park. Because the vegetation is so lush, much of the lake is really a maze of sloughs, bayous and ponds. The park affords excellent access to the diverse fishing in Texas. Also popular are the park’s quaint cabins built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Activities enjoyed by visitors include camping, hiking, paddling small boats, nature study, fishing and boating.”



Caddo Lake…located near Uncertain, Texas…makes you feel more than a little uncertain! Caddo does not even seem real. It is difficult to believe that such a place of undeveloped isolation is still in existence. That is something to indeed be thankful for!


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