Recycling Bin Confrontation.


Just a regular recycling bin. Surely not overwhelming!

The recycling bin looks so innocent just sitting there waiting for someone to empty the appropriate items inside. Such an easy task. Keep recyclable items in a designated trash can inside the house or maybe in the garage. Relocate all of the contents to the bin before the truck arrival once a week . Pull the bin to the street. Sometimes the pulling might require the use of a few muscles here and there. So easy. Such the right thing to do.


The inside the house or garage recycling can.

Such the right thing to do until last Tuesday. I imagine that I simply didn’t have the acceptable technique for putting the contents of the little container into the big container. I mean…really now…it is not such a totally overwhelming task! I have emptied the little can into the big can hundreds of times. My husband has emptied the little can hundred of times. So have our neighbors, our children when they were growing up, all of our neighbor’s children. Not even one mishap. Until the really aggressive behavior of the recycling bin last Tuesday. And…it just had to happen to me. Or was I the aggressive one?


Two liter bottles surely are not heavy!

Maybe I walked too fast to the driveway. Or maybe I simply approached the bin with a less than friendly face. I have never said a negative word about the bin. I have not sent any middle of the night tweets about the recycling bin. I have always been politically correct in all of my recycling comments. I have never even made any harsh statements on Facebook about the recycling bin. I have not even made any sarcastic remarks about the recycling bin. And…I am so unfortunately capable about being sarcastic. Therefore, I have done…



And then the above pictured problem happened. I walked up to the bin and opened the lid so it would stay back. As I was beginning to empty the small can into the recycling bin, I realized that it was way heavier than I thought. I struggled to turn the can over to empty out. I almost pushed the entire large bin over and dropped the whole small can  into the bin. In this fairly ridiculous process, I slammed my left wrist into the sharp plastic edges of the inside of the bin. They certainly did not look sharp. They were overwhelmingly sharp.

I would not dare show you what my hand looked like at first or how my wrist started swelling so much that I could not remove my watch. So glad that the watch was not high priced at all. Emphasis on WAS since if it is 3:00…my watch now says 5:00 and will not change.

Like the words in the Jimmy Buffett song…

“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”!

My hand will also not be working right for a while. There was a place much worse than a scratch…like you would not believe. Let’s not even talk about the large bruise that immediately appeared on the top of my hand. I spent three hours going to the doctor and having my hand patched up. Not fun. Especially after I had been so nice to that recycling bin.

However…I did take the bin to the street. I did not want to take any chances on further injuries!

7 thoughts on “Recycling Bin Confrontation.

  1. Thank you, Faye! Chicken soup does make everything better! I was planning on making potato soup after I finished with the recycling chore! Needless to say…no homemade soup yet! My hand feels better, but it will be sore for a while. Honestly, the whole incident was scary because it happened so fast! I have never used Lavender Essential Oil…I will have figure out where to get it! Anyway…I am just a mess about to happen at any time!! And…typing with one hand is not that fun!!!


  2. Oh. My. Word. Pat. I am so sorry for the wrestling competition you had with your recycling bin! However, I must confess I grinned and may have even snickered as I kept reading. By the time I hit the Jimmy Buffett song portion you had me. I was visualizing it all as it happened. And then, at the end……then I felt bad for grinning and/or snickering. I hope your hand feels better soon. If I lived closer I would bring you ice packs, Lavender essential oil and chicken soup. (Chicken soup just because life is always better with some type of soup.)

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  3. Oh no-I hope you’re recovering. I hate it when stuff like that happens when you’re doing something good. Give it a stealthy kick next time…make sure it’s not looking though…


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