I have decided to reblog my post from July 27, 2016. I think that it has even more meaning to me today.

Crisis. We hear about a crisis situation on the news or from a friend or on the radio virtually every day. In the United States and around our world…fear and shock are becoming a norm and the instability of life is fearfully present. Crisis can be described as the culmination of a series or sequence of events. What we can hope for/work for is a turning point, a change, a realization that better actions can keep these crisis situations from reaching full fruition.

 Our future depends on step by step stopping the word “crisis” from being such a large portion of our thoughts and conversation. We must work together. We must be supportive of each other. We must be show pride in our country. We must show empathy, but yet be strong in our resolve to keep crisis situations at bay.

In the video preceding this post, The Eagles sing their Grammy…

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