Is Spring Here Yet? I Need Sandals.


Flowers might be about to bloom in Texas…bring out the sandals!!

In Texas, the weather is near perfect today! Bright sunshine. Blue Sky. Just a little wind here and there. Slightly cool, but getting warmer. In other words…it is almost time for me to break out the sandals. To tell you the truth…it is time for me to go shopping for some new sandals.

Replacement time for the boots!

Every year at this time…I decide that spring is bound to be arriving early. There are some January days in Texas that seem like spring never left. And then…the next day we have sleet. Who knows? Since it looks and feel like spring today, I have sandals on my mind. I am crazy about sandals. This is quite odd to say this year…since I have just recently decided that I like short boots! I now have six pair. I have no need for six pair. I may be out of control in the boot department.

It is certainly replacement time!

That is why I am moving straight into the sandal season. I have put together a sampling of new sandals that I might NEED and some that will NEVER see the light of day in my closet!


The Winning Sandal Replacements!

At Least…To Me!!!















The No, No, No Sandals…Just Not For Me!



Tell Me Why!! I do not understand the rope look!!



Tell Me Why!! I do not understand the pom pom look!!



Tell Me Why!! I do not understand the “mop the kitchen floor” look!!


So…there you have it! My “very best” sandal choices and my very “no way” sandal choices! You may disagree with me and that is just fine! I simply cannot replace my boots with the “mop the kitchen floor” or “pom pom” or “rope” look!!


3 thoughts on “Is Spring Here Yet? I Need Sandals.

  1. Hahahaha. I think the “rope” look might come in handy if you ever have need to tie something up….like a loose dog or a loose calf. You could just use the rope from your sandals.
    The pom pom ones kind of look like they might be good for Christmas…..or white elephant gift……
    The sweep the floor ones kind of remind me of a bad hair day…..or a feather duster. On the upside for those they could double as a duster if you really run stuck and company is coming.
    Personally, I would definitely purchase the fist one you have pictured..just the right amount of bling. I really do like those!

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    • I had not even considered using the “rope” for a loose calf! There is a problem in that there is no way that I could walk in those shoes…especially in one of our pastures. And I certainly could not run! I would just have to carry the rope shoes around in a book bag…a summer book bag with a floral print. I could hook the bag onto my golf cart or four-wheeler. You are right about the pom poms for a white elephant party. A long time ago, our Sunday School class had a piece of banana nut cake with creme cheese icing that was given as a gift at every Christmas party. It was kept frozen during the year! You could not tell from the box & wrapping which one contained the cake. It had already been passed around for about five years before we joined the class! I was thinking that the mop shoes might be good for cleaning baseboards! I like the first pair the best too…I like the colors. I will check and see where they can be ordered…like that has discounts..I can’t remember the price at all! If we wear the same size, we can send them back and forth. Bad luck for you with that method…I am rough on shoes! I will most likely break the back strap in about a month. But I would enjoy wearing them for that month!


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