Peace, Quiet, Beauty. Japanese Gardens.

 japanese-gardens-tree-bridgeFort Worth’s Japanese Gardens

Calm winds and enchanting beauty permeate every aspect of The Japanese Gardens located in Fort Worth, Texas. The gardens are very quiet and you almost feel like you should tiptoe through the pathways…that you should take your shoes off at the entrance…that you should keep your talking to the minimum…that your should keep your eyes open wide for the lovely sights to behold.



A stepping stone path through the water.

An aesthetic masterpiece, Fort Worth’s Japanese Gardens are a hidden treasure for the city. Conveniently located within Fort Worth’s Botanic Gardens, The Japanese Gardens cover a 7-acre parcel of land.



The beautiful trees are not to be missed!

According to their website…

“The Japanese Gardens entice you to surrender your senses and discover a new treasure at every turn. Feed thousands of exotic Imperial Koi that beseech your attention. Stone, Earth, Leaf and Water become one in this land of wonder.”



Ornate structure within the gardens.

When our children were very young, we started visiting The Japanese Gardens. As soon as we walked through the entry gates, our son and daughter would become very quiet and observant. They were transformed by the serene and lovely ambience of the gardens. There were many days when I considered the effect of The Japanese Gardens on our children to be quite magical!




These gardens were first opened in 1973. The designers were very traditional in their approach to the garden plan. You will see cherry trees, Japanese maples, magnolias, bamboo, bridges and ponds. Besides springtime, visitors will not see many blooming flowers. It is said The Japanese Gardens practices “Mono no Aware”. These words mean transient and bittersweet beauty. The idea is that if the garden was always blooming, it would never be special!



Architectural beauty!

Personally, I find the Japanese Gardens to be beautiful during every season. Fortunately, there is something different to see during each visit! Yes…magical!

Fort Worth’s best kept secret…a place of pure enchantment…The Japanese Gardens!


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