Living on Tulsa Time!


Freezing cold weather took over Tulsa, Oklahoma last weekend…freezing rain…and reports that a major ice storm might occur. Oh great! We had been planning to go to Tulsa this particular weekend for months. Just our luck!

On the contrary…lucky us…the major ice storm stayed a bit north of Tulsa. We arrived last Friday knowing that we might be iced in for a few days. What a terrific place to be iced in! There was cold, cold rain Friday afternoon and night and the wind was howling, but just a few spots of serious ice.




We planned the trip to hear television personality and political journalist, Bill O’Reilly speak Friday night at the BOK Center… a sought after venue in downtown Tulsa. Seating around 20,000 people, the center was totally packed. His talk show is on every week night in the United States and he frequently (if not, always!) grasps with firmness many controversial political issues such as discussions about the just completed presidential race, education, the economy.


However…that is not the very best part about visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma!


O’Reilly is a Harvard educated author with over 20 books on the market. He is a smart, sarcastic, detailed,  funny, dramatic and a right on the edge speaker. Although I personally don’t always agree with his viewpoints, I do admire his fearlessness in expressing his many opinions. Known as a serious conservative, I found him to lean sometimes a slight bit to the left…at least, he was clearly far more open minded than I expected. I respect people who are open minded and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the event. However, I still am not on board with agreeing with all of his multitudes of viewpoints!


However…that is not the very best part of visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma!


Dennis Miller and Jesse Watters are regulars on O’Reilly’s show, THE O’REILLY FACTOR. They were also in Tulsa for the event and (thank goodness) they added a LARGE AMOUNT of levity to the program. The BOK Center was very full and we quickly realized that people from many miles away came to hear Bill O’Reilly. The couple sitting next to us came to Tulsa for the weekend from California. The trip was planned totally around seeing Bill O’Reilly.

However…the following is the very best part of visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma…

 The very best part of our trip to Tulsa was visiting our longtime close friends, their son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren!  Listening to a well known political commentator holds nothing to the importance of being with friends…talking, laughing, going out for lunch, playing card games and domino games. What a wonderful invitation!



Playing a card game with our Tulsa friends…I lost every, single time!

When I look back on the weekend, I certainly do not remember everything that Bill O’Reilly said…however, I remember everything that we talked about and everything that we laughed about with our friends.


Having fun with friends is the very best part about living on “Tulsa Time”!






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