The Rodeo. The Cowboy. Fort Worth!


Cowboy on the way to a tumble!

What in the world makes a cowboy ride a bull or a bucking horse in a rodeo? Why? Surely it is not that fun to break three ribs and an arm and who knows what else. Maybe it is the possibility of big-time money! Or fame! Or perhaps just the thrill of a successful ride! Or maybe some people are just prone to put their life on the line for a few minutes! Cowboys must be accustomed to pain and to the dirt of the rodeo arena!



Oops! The cowboy is just about airborne!


Just brush off the dirt. Cowboy, you will be fine.                 I suppose you eventually will be fine!



Champions also come in small sizes!

What I really know is that the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is a happening event right now! The rodeo began on 1/13/2017 and will be running through 2/4/2017. We were there with friends last Thursday night…sitting in the same place where we have sat for years. We will go see some more exhibits this weekend and go back to the rodeo a few more times. The Stock Show & Rodeo is fun and exciting and loud, but most of all…


The Rodeo is a Fort Worth Tradition!!



With our friends at the rodeo last Thursday!


The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is also a tradition for our family. We started taking our children beginning when they were toddlers. We always went to the actual rodeo performance and also walked all around the exhibit buildings. Our children’s favorites were always the dairy cows, longhorns, chickens and pigs. There were and are horses galore, but those buildings tend to be the busiest. Some of the horses are for the rodeo participants and there are quite a few animals coming and going.



Bright lights, fireworks and action!

There are many fun events held in Fort Worth, but the Stock Show & Rodeo is absolutely the largest production. It is hard to believe that Fort Worth has hosted a rodeo in addition to a stock show for over 120 years. Practice makes perfect or so people say! Fort Worth has it down to a successful science with absolute organization…from the food vendors to checking in the stock to the rodeo program sales. Every aspect of the event provides old fashioned fun integrated with modern event buildings. The cowboy lifestyle is always on display around Fort Worth.



You may think that the bull looks calm! Think again!

The Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau always extends a warm welcome to Fort Worth TX …”the 16th-largest city in the United States and chosen as one of America’s Most Livable Communities“. Sarah Covington, public relations manager for the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau has compiled the following list for future visitors to the Stock Show & Rodeo…

Nine Things Everyone Should Know About the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo!

1. Southwestern Parade…Held the first Saturday of the Stock Show each year, the parade is the world’s largest all-western parade. This means no motorized vehicles at all! Stagecoaches, equestrian troops, marching bands and more make their way down the streets of downtown Fort Worth as 100,000-plus spectators look on.

2. Fine Dining…Fair food is great, and we have it all, but that’s not what we mean by fine dining. The Stock Show & Rodeo offers some of the city’s best cowboy cuisine from Reata Restaurant (Reata at the Rodeo) and Mexican Food from La Espuela Mexican Cantina for all to enjoy.

3. Multicultural Rodeos…Two of the 30+ rodeos being held highlight the influence of Hispanic and African- American culture present in the rodeo today: Best of Mexican Celebracion and Cowboys of Color Rodeo.

4. Shuttle Bus Service…Don’t feel like fighting the traffic? No worries. Every Saturday and Sunday during the show, park for free in select Park & Ride lots, and then hop aboard the T’s Stock Show Shuttle. Drop off is at the front gate and the cost is $1 each way.

5. Free Museum Admission….While you’re here, explore the cultural side of Fort Worth with free admission (must present Stock Show ticket for free entry) to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

6. Red Dirt Entertainment…Enjoy the day with the family, then let loose at night with an adult beverage in hand at the Coors Light Roadhouse Tent. Patrons swing to the tunes of the hottest acts every night Tuesday through Saturday. Know what makes this better? Admission is absolutely free with your daily grounds admission!

7. Horse Show Exhibitors…The Stock Show is held at one of the finest horse facilities in the United States, Will Rogers Equestrian Center. Enthusiasts will enjoy horse shows featuring NCHA Cutting Horse, NRHA Reining Horse, Paint Horses, Palomino Horses and many more.

8. Livestock Show…One of the many missions of the Stock Show is to promote the breeding, raising and marketing of livestock to encourage excellence throughout the livestock and agriculture industries. Because of this, the show will host over 22,000 head of livestock this year, with exhibitors representing 41 states and three foreign countries.

9. The Carnival Midway is the place to be for all kinds of family friendly entertainment. Take a break from the show and  play your favorite carnival games or enjoy the thrills of the midway rides!

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo!

   Roping and Riding in the heart of Texas…   

Where the West Begins!!




6 thoughts on “The Rodeo. The Cowboy. Fort Worth!

  1. I would need a lot of something if I ever jumped out of a plane! It would not even matter if I don’t really like the taste of any of it! And I REALLY don’t like beer! The only reason I like margaritas is because I like them frozen like a slushy! I would be nervous before we even got to the jumping part! I don’t like to fly! I only like to travel!! A problem! I do admire your nephew for his accomplishment!


      • We live about 50 miles from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The last couple years they have had rodeo competition at the T. Denny Sanford Center. I have not gone to one but we do watch the bull riding on tv when it is on. I am always amazed and wonder what drives guys to do that.

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      • I can’t figure out why someone would be so crazy! Our seats are right beside the bull chutes and we can see them strapping everything on. The Bulls go wild and they are not even in the arena yet! And when they bound out and start jumping in circles, I am always thinking that the bull is going to jump into our area! The other night I had a big piece of dirt land on my head! We don’t drink (except a margarita at a Mexican food place…once every year or two!), but maybe the Cowboys have some beer to calm their nerves! Or a couple of shots of bourbon!!

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