The State Fair of Texas! Fun!


What do you need if you take your small children to The State Fair of Texas? Perhaps…

1. A stroller. That won’t work. Need two strollers.

2. Forget the strollers. Just rent a stroller built for two.

3. A diaper bag. Both children are old enough to be out of diapers. Oh! What did you say? They forget at the fair? Two diaper bags.

4. Water. Lots of little bottles of water. Or you can spend a fortune and buy water at the fair. Bad idea. Bring the water.

5. Little Fishy Crackers. Cheerios. Gummy Bears. Vanilla Wafers. Bananas…two will do. Cheetos (getting desperate now). Not anything really healthy on the list. Might need food immediately. We will have lots of super delicious vegetables tomorrow.

6. A Whistle. They may escape from the strollers. Our son once reached his feet to the floor from his stroller and started scooting to the door in a store. Someone who I did not know said…”Lady, your child is leaving”.  I didn’t know that his legs were that long already. No wonder he turned out to be 6’2″. I think that they will stop with the loud whistle.

7. Clothes. Don’t forget clothes for them to change into after the ice cream melts and drips down everywhere. Plus the snow cones.

8. Paper Towels. They can solve any and all problems.

9. Handi-Wipes. No explanation.

10. Your Own Running Shoes. You will need to move very fast past the games where you can win a giant teddy bear or bunny or spider-like thing. Our daughter once cried for 15 minutes because we did not play the “pop the balloon” game. She wanted us to win the baseball glove. She was two years old. I didn’t even know that she knew the words “baseball glove”. We did not even see the baseball glove.



 The tower ride. Not for me to ride!!


Most Of All…Bring Money! You Have to Buy Tickets For the Food and Rides!


Metro All Zones

 The Midway

Our children rode the Bumper Cars over and over again. They rode the Tilt-a-Wheel (maybe that is the name). Early on, they were not that interested in the rides. The rides were so big and loud. Thank goodness! I know that they rode the rides later on when they were older. I just couldn’t watch!

You do need a lot of stuff to take two children to The State Fair of Texas for an entire day. That is fine! They are only that little once!


Besides…The State Fair is Fun, Fun, Fun! Memories Are The Important Part!



 The Huge Ferris Wheel!

My husband and I went to The State Fair of Texas on Tuesday…a weekday! Just the two of us. We walked through every exhibit building and there are a lot of buildings! The State Fair is huge! We looked at all of the cars and we don’t even need a new car. We had tamales, chili pie, fudge, we turned down the free yogurt, some kind of crunchy candy, macaroon cookies, three Cokes each (too much, really!), and best of all…


We Had Fletcher’s Corny Dogs…Several! Honestly, They Are The Best!!


Big Tex.jpg

Big Tex! And he “talks”! 

Big Tex Boots.jpg

Big Tex and his big boots!


What you need to take for two adults at the fair…

1. Comfortable Shoes. Not necessarily running shoes.

2. Cell Phone for when one person turns right and the other turns left. And for the pictures you really, really need to take.

3. A Happy Attitude. Child-Like Curiosity. Your Laughter!



Fun and laughter are surely part of the day for 88 year old Noreen Durant at The State Fair of Texas! The most important part…her Fletcher’s Corny Dog!!!



3 thoughts on “The State Fair of Texas! Fun!

  1. Forgot to mention…I hope that your church celebration was wonderful! I thought about you and your cake making honor…thinking about your cakes made me so desperate for even a tiny slice! So I had pecan-chocolate toffee instead!


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