Let Us Light Our Candles Together.

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When I was just out of college and totally an optimistic dreamer, I spent my extra time going to Hallmark stores to read/buy greeting cards and to read/buy small poetry books. I don’t even know if Hallmark still has those types of books anymore. I was so very impressed with these small books with the interesting pictures and drawings.

I found the above quote about “lighting our candles” in one such book. I have used it as my mantra, my focus ever since I first read the words. Mantra is defined as a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs. I would never have believed that I would keep this quote in my memory for so many years. I just knew that the words resonated with me.

I have found use for the words so many times in my life. When a very close friend married many years ago, I spoke the words as part of my toast at the rehearsal dinner. I have written the words as a special message to friends on special occasions.

When we had the memorial service for our son, we used the poem on the small printed program that we gave to our friends and relatives. One of our close family friends read the program prior to the service. When I spoke to her before the service began, she asked me if we were going to each have a candle. How I wished that I had thought about candles…maybe those small, safe battery operated candles.


As a longtime grownup person, I now understand deeper meanings to the words…

1.  We are all separate, but we need to work together as one entity.

2. Everyone experiences darkness at some point in their lives. It might be just by virtue of the time of day or the season. However, it might be because of dark feelings of sadness, fear, or incorrect understanding.

3. Encompassing…to encircle, to surround. Perhaps…to protect?

4. Let us together. What profound words in a simple poem. Let us…allow us…ask us…plead with us…tell us.

5. Light our candles. Illuminate our world. Work together to bring peace and light.

Just a small poem in a small book in a Hallmark store… and yet, the words have instilled a sense of true direction in my life.


Let Us Together Light Our Candles.

Perhaps We Need To Read These Words

As We Experience The USA Election Spectacle.

Both Candidates Appear To Have Not Received

The Message About Lighting Candles Together.




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