Christmas Decorations. In September?


I seriously disagree with retailers putting out massive amounts of Christmas décor, gift items, wrapping paper (and who knows what else) before we have even seen the leaves change colors. Perhaps the leaves are starting to change in New England. In Texas, we have yet to put the shorts and swimsuits away and we certainly still have the greenest of leaves. Some of us have not even recovered from the Fourth of July. Give us a break!

On Monday afternoon, I had the crazy idea to shop for a little while at Costco. First of all, I spent 19 minutes trying to find a parking space. When I found the place to park, I was in a competition worthy of Super Bowl coverage by the media. I had my blinker blinking away first. To the right, to the right…I AM TURNING RIGHT!! I was here first. Around the corner came a speeding Camaro who saw the car backing out from MY PARKING PLACE, but failed to see my SUV with the flashing blinker. There was a truck behind me inching up closer to my bumper. Evidently they thought that I would need to back up and they would stop me.

Who are they kidding? Me move? No way! My SUV and I would have sat there waiting for that parking place for the remainder of the afternoon. My highly competitive side comes into play the moment I enter a parking lot. I actually look forward to the parking place competition at Walmart. I need challenges like this.

Finally, the person backed out of the much desired parking place and I pulled in like I was an Indy driver. The Camaro driver actually sat there until I got out of my car. I suppose that I did mention that I was first? He actually honked at me as I walked by. I just waved and smiled. After all, I was the clear winner.

As the clear winner…that would be me, myself and I…walked into Costco, I realized the real reason for the unreal popularity of Costco during a typically quiet shopping time…

The Real Reason…Christmas Merchandise!

Three aisles of Christmas decorations and Christmas crackers and Christmas sausages…all aisles filled with shoppers. Did I hear “Jingle Bell Rock” in the background? No, I think it was “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. Well…      we WILL be home for Thanksgiving…and we will most likely have over 40 guests for the day. What happened to the…

Thanksgiving Napkins & Plates To Match?

I should have bought them in early August. I saw nothing whatsoever to do with Thanksgiving. If any Thanksgiving items were there, they were surely blocked by the giant teddy bears sitting on the endcap of a Christmas aisle. I thought that it would be more appropriate for the giant bears to be wearing various Thanksgiving hats like we made in elementary school. Oh…I forgot. Children do not make Thanksgiving hats very often anymore. If called upon, I would be happy to dress up those teddy bears for the holiday… called Thanksgiving… that comes BEFORE Christmas.

If Costco Asks For My Help With The Giant Teddy Bears…You Will Be The First To Know!




4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations. In September?

  1. I’m completely in agreement. Here my personal rule is not until November 12th. I am happy to chastise anyone store or individual that puts them up early. I saw Christmas items for sale in, ugh. August. I complained to the store.

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    • I was certainly not giving up that space! I really was about to go berserk ! There was so very much Christmas merchandise! All really cool, but too much, too soon! Yes…after Halloween works! I’m about to go into another store for Thanksgiving items! And Halloween too! I don’t know what I will say if they have all Christmas! Not that I would throw a fit! Not me. Surely not!???

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