Ideal Plopping Place Found.


Good and decent etiquette says that you just can’t plop yourself on any old item. Tell someone shopping in big stores like Sam’s Wholesale Club or Costco that they can’t plop down anywhere they want and you might not like what you hear. By the time I get close to the food section at Costco, I am ready to find a sofa or a chair or even a bench. At our store, the furniture is usually just located on one aisle. Good luck finding an empty spot.

Entire furniture stores are ideal for plopping. “Don’t mind me…I am just trying out this recliner”. We were recently in Nebraska Furniture Mart located in a Dallas suburb. It has to be the largest furniture store in existence. The name is deceiving…they also sell appliances, computers, phones, flooring, decorative items…you name it, they have it. It took me a year to get my husband to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart. Our daughter and I went when they first opened. We found so much that we had no idea that we really needed.

Perhaps I could have talked my husband into visiting the store a bit sooner, but we happened to be driving by and he saw the size of the store. Mostly he saw the totally full parking lot. No way. Besides, we were on our way to Choctaw Casino just over the Oklahoma border. Even a totally dedicated shopper like myself would prefer to keep on going to Oklahoma. I think that the people watching at Choctaw is the big draw. Or perhaps it is the wonderful buffet. It certainly can’t be the hope that we will win money. We only play the penny machines or Wheel of Fortune. So no Nebraska Furniture shopping on that trip. Choctaw does have a  beautiful pool and plopping there is certainly encouraged.

When my husband saw a Nebraska ad with good computer prices, we were there that very Saturday. Yes…we found a laptop that we liked. I looked at every set of bedroom furniture on the second floor. I was in my own world when I found the beautiful Amish furniture. There was just one problem. For the longest time, I could not find my husband at all. I called his cell phone. I looked in the bargain area. I looked at the furniture from the Fixer Upper HGTV people. Nowhere! No luck until I found the recliners on the far end of the store. Literally hundreds of recliners…most filled with husbands who had plopped down for a few minutes or for most husbands…a whole lot of minutes.

You got it right…one of those husbands belonged to me. He was having a wonderful time visiting with all the other “lost” husbands. It was like a party with no refreshments. No music. No football games or old westerns on a too loud television.

Happiness for these husbands was found in the ideal place to plop down…a recliner that you didn’t have to buy and a wife that was so very busy shopping that she had no idea where to find her husband.

Recliners…not very attractive…but, perfect for plopping!



One thought on “Ideal Plopping Place Found.

  1. I love this!! Whenever I can talk my husband into going to the mall I can usually find him sitting on a bench somewhere in the center watching people and visiting ……yep….with other “lost” husbands. (and this from the man who says he is not social).
    Way back, the summer before we got married, my then fiancée and I went with my brother to Omaha, NE to the Nebraska Furniture Mart. We came home with a pickup load of furniture to be used in our new home once we were married. I am still using those same end tables! I have painted them black though due to many dings and chips from raising sons.

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