New Orleans. Calls My Name Again.


Garden District Home, New Orleans

In the last week or so, I wrote about my growing dislike for professional football. So sorry, pro football people, but I still feel the same way. Of course, I still have a good attitude about the New Orleans Saints. If the Saints let a player get away with actions that are criminal offenses for normal people…then they will be a very shaky commodity in my eyes.

St Charles Avenue with streetcar

St. Charles Avenue Streetcar, New Orleans

However, I can’t stay unhappy about the city of New Orleans for very long, if ever. St. Charles Avenue with the Garden District’s grand old houses…you call my name. The Audubon Zooyou call my name even though my times with you have been the hottest, most humid times in my life. Café du Monde…I have been covered from head to toe with powdered sugar from your beignets…you surely call my name.


Jackson Square, New Orleans

 Jackson Square so like an outdoor art gallery with paintings even displayed on iron fences…you always call my name. The French Quarter with jazz music blaring from every direction, people walking every direction, decadence on Bourbon Street that you need to ignore, decorative balconies…ah!…you call my name. The Bourbon House Restaurant in the French Quarter with the freshest and best seafood dishes and I don’t really like seafood, plus we know about the parking garage…you call my name.

Riverboat Natchez, New Orleans.jpg

Sno-balls (better known as snow cones in other parts of the country) are very finely shaved ice topped off with sugary syrups…you call my name all summer long. The big Mississippi River with the Steamboat Natchez (even though the last time we rode on you, the fog stopped our voyage)…still, you call my name. The Camellia Grill with your white columned façade…you look like a pretty little house and your parking area is not so good…I don’t mind because you call my name.


The Camellia Grill, New Orleans

I am leaving out so many places in New Orleans. I just can’t go on and on…you will just have to go down and find your own places. Now, I have to watch the TCU game because college football REALLY IS MY FAVORITE SPORT and I have already seen LSU lose today. So sad for my relatives. Trust me…they take sports seriously down there!

Cafe Du Monde

Café Du Monde, New Orleans


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