Sort of Obvious About Football.

New Orleans skyline

Why New Orleans, Louisiana Skyline?

Daily Prompt Response: Obvious

I tried to keep it to myself about football. I couldn’t hide it. Some things are simply too obvious. Professional football does not look all that fun to me. I can watch it for five or ten minutes and my mind starts to wander. I start thinking about counting how much money I have in my tall Container Store canisters. I had (emphasis on the word “had”)  seven full canisters full of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. That is truly the only interesting thing that I can think about when pro football comes on the television.


Why a New Orleans Streetcar?

My time counting coins during football is coming to an end. I have been taking the canisters to the bank so the nice tellers can throw the change into the obviously hidden counting machine. To be honest, I don’t really take actual canisters to the bank. I put the coins into gallon size zip-lock bags. Goodness…they are heavy! I am down to my last canister. So far, I have added over $700 to my savings account. I have one rule about the money… we cannot spend any of the money except on a vacation. It has to be a vacation to some other country. Vancouver would be an acceptable place for me and that trip is one of my goals for this year.

Saints Sign

Professional football players surely do not save coins in canisters. They probably save gold jewelry or something. I realize that some of the players are obviously good guys. However, the good guys are outnumbered by those other players. The players who cannot seem to follow the law and seem to get away with it…those are the ones I hear the very most about. My realization that the players who are perceived as role models are really and truly just the opposite…well…it ruined professional football for me.

Drew BreesDrew Brees!

Obviously, football is big, Big, BIG in Texas! To top it all off, I am not really a Dallas Cowboys fan. Not at all! I happened to drive by their stadium in Arlington today. It is beautiful, but I did not at all have the urge to yell…GO COWBOYS!!!! Really, I have lots of relatives in New Orleans…very special relatives…and they are totally dedicated to the Saints. My brother lived in New Orleans for years. He was probably the #1 football, baseball, basketball, hockey fan for any team at any time. He was certainly a Saints fan. So, I am a New Orleans Saints fan too. I even have a Saints charm bracelet that my niece gave me. On game days, I wear my entire New Orleans Saints get-up. I do not leave my house wearing any part of this outfit…for obvious reasons!

New Orleans Saints Helmet

Even the Saints cannot keep me occupied for more than five or ten minutes at a time. I will come back ever so often. I need to find another football time activity besides my canisters. I could dust the house. NO! Or I could fold clothes. NO! What about spending football time planning vacations on the computer? YES! That is it! However, I will still save time to run around the room and yell the best football cheer ever…

 WHO DAT??!!!!!!



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  1. Oh. My. Word. Where is the “love” button for this post? I read this one to my husband, who is also NOT a football fan. He laughed right along with me about you counting your money and about how you have decided pro football players probably count gold jewelry.

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