#5 Super Engaging Book!

Dragons Love Tacos cover

Dragons Love Tacos

 Written by Adam Rubin

I had NO IDEA that dragons love tacos!  What a crazy thought! How did dragons find out about tacos? Whoa! What if we have tacos in the cafeteria today? Will the dragons show up and where in the world will they sit? So many questions for children to ask…enough questions to introduce this book completely. I would write every child’s question on the white board or on chart paper. We might want to read the questions again later. We would take a picture walk through the book. Finally…after much anticipation…we will read the book together!

Silly dragon

Silly, silly, silly! This book is so silly that it appears to be a near perfect answer to engaging a class of talkative children. I have to admit…sometimes, I am the silliest person in the room. It is said that you should dance as if no one is watching. I say…read a book too as if no one is watching… except the excited children in front of you…no matter who walks in the door!

Dragons Love Tacos Eating Tacos

The whole idea of the book is that you want to make friends with a dragon. Tacos are the key!! Hey! Why not have a party for the dragons? There is just one problem. They DO NOT like jalapeno peppers at all and I mean NEVER! Make those tacos very mild. Just one single speck of hot pepper makes a dragon snort sparks! Guess what happens next? Uh Oh! Problemmmmmmmmssssssss!Dinosaurs playing accordians

Now that you understand about the hot peppers…you are ready to host your first party for the dragons! According to the book, you might need the following:

1. Great big tacos

2. Little bitty tacos

3. Beef tacos

4. Chicken tacos

5. Backup tacos

6. Emergency tacos

7. Fruit punch

8. More tacos

After all, dragons love tacos! If you have plenty of tacos, nothing could possibly go wrong at your taco party!




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