The “Disabopped” Kindergartner…


If you are five years old, it is quite easy to become disabopped on a moment to moment schedule. This emotion may occur as you get out of the car at 7:20 in the morning. Just the fact that you are out so early in the real world can cause disabopping behavior.  Not to mention the fact that your mom forgot to wave good-bye. I worry. How many times did I cause my own children to enter the school building in an obviously disabopped state of mind?

I can’t worry about it now. When they grow up, children can so easily make their own disabopps. I make mine all the time. Listed are some of my most monumental and current disabopps:

  1. I drop crumbs in my car continuously. I said that I would never, ever eat breakfast on the way to work in my new car. That lasted two days. The next day I dropped an entire container of cereal in the passenger seat. I have had the car eight months and I am still finding cereal. I cannot invite people to ride with me. The crunchy sound when they sit down is so irritating. Disabopped.

  2. I want to go see Adele in concert so much that it is ridiculous. I am a little too old to be obsessed. I listen to “Hello” at top volume on the way home from school everyday. How crazy can I be? I have just spent the entire day listening to five year olds talking so loudly that I probably have ear damage. Nevertheless, I am very disabopped about Adele. Just because the available tickets are over $400 (top rows, huge concert venue) or $1000 plus, plus, plus for floor level seating, people laugh at me. My husband does not want to go. Our daughter does not want to go. Friends do not want to go. Hey…it is Adele!!! Doesn’t anyone get it?

  3. Texas is too hot in the summer and I am mainly talking about the month of August. Why did my ancestors move to Texas in the first place? Honestly, I would have voted to stay in Tennessee. Let’s go on further back…I would have just stayed in England. I like rainy and sort of cool weather. I can’t really be disabopped in relatives that I do not know, but I think that they could have considered the weather.

My kindergartners are not particularly disabopped about the weather except when we have a tornado drill. Or a real drill. They are just scared and the teacher is putting on her brave face. No…weather or Adele or cereal in the front seat do not disabopp them. The following items do bother them…

  1. Raisins for snacks again. Applesauce for snacks again. They only like little fishies and those very small oranges. Nothing else! So disabopping.

  2. Not going to the playground because of testing. Don’t even get me started on testing five year olds. This is a major disabopp for everyone.

  3. Being moved to another table because of continuous talking and silly behavior and cartoon character sounds being made. This moving tables business is what started the disabopp discussion…

Says the child with the dimples that will melt a thousand hearts:

“You teachers DISABOPP me. Stop it!!”

Oh my…it is hard to say DISAPPOINT with one tooth missing!


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