Artificial Flowers…Fooled by Fake Again

miniature roses

 If by chance, I receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers, I am totally and completely overjoyed. A sweet child in my class gave me a plant on Valentine’s Day…a small rose bush. I have spent more time with that plant than with some members of my family. I water it more often than is necessary. I just want to make that little rose bush happy. I am not even certain that it should be called a bush. That is not really the point. The point is that someone gave me a real flower. Me! I am honored. I am impressed by such thoughtfulness.

What does not impress me is someone I slightly know(who certainly shall remain nameless because I don’t even recall her name)who has a wonderful array of flower beds in her rather large front yard. I had always admired these flowers. I don’t really know her, so I have never walked up her sidewalk past the flowers. Lucky me! Had I walked up the sidewalk, I would have discovered the truth for myself.

The truth…THE FLOWERS ARE ARTIFICIAL! They are plastic, not silk or anything approaching silk. I found out about the fake flowers at a Little League game more than 20 years ago. Little League is a hotbed of gossip and controversy. You can actually find out so much news…if you can hear over the parents who are yelling at their children. “WATCH THE BALL!”…but, I was able to hear about the flowers loud and clear. She was so proud of her innovative achievement. Not one person seemed shocked but me. Did they all have ARTIFICIAL flowers to add beauty to their neighborhoods? I have never trusted yards again. I see a wonderfully landscaped flower garden in front of a house that somewhat depicts a gigantic castle. I can’t even see the castle for the possibly artificial flowers.

I can’t help but think…what else is artificial in my city? The bricks on the houses…probably hollow. All of those limestone accents…definitely spray-on stone. The shutters…plastic like the flowers. The grass…most likely turf from a football field. I guess it is really none of my business, but what happened to flowers that are actually growing? Real limestone? Even real fingernails, for heaven’s sake?

So I just keep planting my real petunias and watering them like I water my little rose bush. After all, I like happy plants. Artificial flowers most assuredly do not have real feelings.


11 thoughts on “Artificial Flowers…Fooled by Fake Again

    • I was really shocked and everyone at the Little League game thought that it was a fabulous idea! I thought that she must be spending hours working in the yard! Instead, she was spending hours at Michaels! Do you have Michaels (craft store, etc) in any towns near you? I go crazy in that store!!!!


  1. I love to add seasonal curb appeal on my porch & in front of my home. I have been using fake flowers for years! I pick the best looking ones, though. Yes siree…can’t tell unless you actually touch them!
    I originally used real flowers, but was never too much a green thumb…& I also didn’t like the extra traffic of bees & insects drawn to them as a result.
    I must have done a very good job, per I’d get numerous compliments & even after telling people they weren’t real, they still wouldn’t believe me!
    It just makes it easier. Especially for people who have really busy schedules, or are possibly up in age & are not as energetic.

    Great post, a good read 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am not a green thumb either, but I love to have flowers in the yard! You must have chosen some really pretty “fake” flowers! To tell you the truth, these are not great looking…except if you happen to be driving accidently too fast!!! I just could not believe that people were putting out not real flowers! I am just naïve and need to join the group!!!!

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