Artificial Flowers…Fooled by Fake Again

miniature roses

 If by chance, I receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers, I am totally and completely overjoyed. A sweet child in my class gave me a plant on Valentine’s Day…a small rose bush. I have spent more time with that plant than with some members of my family. I water it more often than is necessary. I just want to make that little rose bush happy. I am not even certain that it should be called a bush. That is not really the point. The point is that someone gave me a real flower. Me! I am honored. I am impressed by such thoughtfulness.

What does not impress me is someone I slightly know(who certainly shall remain nameless because I don’t even recall her name)who has a wonderful array of flower beds in her rather large front yard. I had always admired these flowers. I don’t really know her, so I…

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