To Cross the Road. Or Not.



Crossing a major road in a large city is not my idea of attempting something with good sense. Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: to get to the other side. I doubt that there was any better chicken feed on the other side and the grass was most assuredly full of fire ants. Not to be negative or anything, but check out everything on your side before making the big trek. This goes for chickens and people. Although some people are naturally chicken and would never even consider going to the other side.

Make a note that I never said to ignore the other side. There are probably some interesting people over there. The best advice would be to know every detail about your side. Study your side. Observe your side. Disagree a bit. Agree a bit. Don’t let the non-issues become issues. We all know that non-issues take up too much time. They are boring. I don’t even know what the non-issues might be, but I imagine that they are not worth the effort. Make some real friends on your side. As in…make some friends you can trust. Join some groups that help people in the community. Every town has some children that are hungry…you might think, “NOT MY TOWN!” I beg to differ. You might start with the hungry children. Lean down and look in their eyes. Maybe you might see a reflection.

Reflect for a while on what you have learned. You’re doing some good now. Perhaps your side is looking better, sounding better, moving forward better. All because of you and others like you. What a concept. It looks like you might have something to offer the other side. I would not go over there without a gift. Such as…the gift of your time, the gift of your expertise, the gift of your compassion, the gift of listening, the gift of honesty, the gift of humility. Oh my…humility. So lacking on both sides.

Now that you know about humility and honesty and compassion…you might take that big step. Cross the road, but wait for the green light. After all, you need to follow the rules over there too. I hope you don’t barge across with the red light…being loud and brash. Just calm down. They need you and you need them. After all…you are at a crossroads. Are you prepared?


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