Rhyme or Reason Not Apparent on the Texas Gulf Coast. Resilience…Apparent.

Houston three

At first silent and hidden, the deep turbulence in the Gulf of Mexico was waiting to rise to the surface. Who knew the future of the storm? Who knew the extent of the storm? Who knew that water would virtually fill familiar parts of Houstona city populated by 2.3 million people? Who knew about the inevitable and ensuing destruction of fun and lively Port Aransas? Who knew about what dismal travesty Hurricane Harvey would bring to Rockport and Victoria…and on and on and on. Who really knew?


Houston one


No rhyme or reason. Warnings. Disbelief. Some stayed. Some left. Decisions. Who will help the helpless? Who will help the very young and the very old? Where to go? What to take? Why?


Houston seven


And yet…the resilience of of the hurricane victims is unbelievable. Volunteers who own boats very quickly arrived to assist the professionals in the hundreds of rescues. The First Responders have worked alongside unknown helpers…people who saw a need and dropped everything in their lives to respond to the crisis. Just as I was writing this post, I heard the following statement on the evening news by a Houston resident…

“We have been blessed by the virtues of strangers.”




hpuston tw









6 thoughts on “Rhyme or Reason Not Apparent on the Texas Gulf Coast. Resilience…Apparent.

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    • Thank you, Faye! I am trying to get back to posting on a regular basis! I still have to take things slowly and that is just no me…I like to be busy, busy, busy! No surprise there! I drove for the first today since the stroke…I was afraid! I prayed my way to CVS! It totally left me exhausted! The flood on the coast is very sad. Houston is over 450 miles from us, but we have been down there a lot through the years. Besides…I have always loved Galveston!

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