Are We Close To August Yet?

August-2017-Calendar-Monthly-1 (1)


 Just sitting here wondering about August being still a couple of weeks away. Actually more than two weeks. August is eighteen days away.

Eighteen days of hot weather. Eighteen days of waiting. Eighteen days of no mountains. Eighteen days of not worrying about a bear on a trail. Eighteen days of not being amazed by the views. Eighteen days of counting the days.






Colorado twelve



7 thoughts on “Are We Close To August Yet?

      • We will be back to Texas from Colorado just before school starts, but I have retired!!! And my husband is finishing out closing the business…it was sold to a similar company in another state. So he is finishing up the paperwork, accounting, etc with the original company. We thought that everything would be complete by now…just a few weeks more.. That is why we are waiting to go on the bigger trip!

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      • Wow, my husband is retired too, right months ago. We are waiting to finishing helping my daughter’s new baby, then soon will be Thanksgiving and I’m hosting it. After the major things are done, we’ll go on some road trips also!


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