Abstract. Use. Space. Idea. Life and Architecture.


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The architect brings abstract thought to fruition…to reality. The architect finds a way to combine the beauty of nature with the beauty of life. In a way, we are all the most important architects of our own lives. Unlike professional architects, some of us seem to choose a life without a plan…floundering under the guise of needless procrastination. Some of us have not been introduced to the idea of reality…to the real idea that we have a less than expansive time to create a masterpiece of a life. And yet…we all have that opportunity…should we decide to reach towards that particular choice.

In my own thinking, the word “architect” means the type of person who takes a blank canvas of earth and turns an object…turns a building…turns a dwelling… into a companion to the trees, the sky, the hills, the water.


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A professional architect blends the earth and the building together so that they complement each other. Can you do that with your own life? It takes effort, but you surely can put forth that effort.


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An interesting article on architecture was written by Steven Holt on “What is Architecture? (Art?)”…and published in “The Brooklyn Rail”.  Holt is considered one of America’s most intriguing and important of currently established architects. He has been widely recognized and honored for his ability to blend space and light with contextual sensitivity.

Holt’s article defines architecture with simply four words:


1. Abstract: Architects work from the abstract to the real. Architecture does have constraints such as safety, function, economy…and yet, it can transcend to inspire with ideas in space and light. 

2. Use: A function of architecture is to inspire. Architecture’s highest “use” is to inspire us.

3. Space: Architecture draws us from one location to the next. It seems that the idea of architecture can surround us like music. Architecture, like life, is the art of space.

4. Idea: Architecture has an idea…a link between concept and form. The idea of space and light and detail convey the art of architecture. This occurs whether or not the organizing idea is really totally grasped.

“This idea is a hidden thread connecting disparate parts with exact intention”…states Steven Holt.


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If at first you do not succeed…try again and again and again. You cannot just bury your mistakes in the sand.




In comparing the concept of architecture in constructing a building to the concept of architecture in constructing your life…I believe that we can see a common thread. We need to have a plan, an idea, a concept, an intention…we need to fill our space with light. We need to find a way to be an inspiration to our own part of the world.






13 thoughts on “Abstract. Use. Space. Idea. Life and Architecture.

  1. Oh boy, you are getting me emotional this morning…I am going to cut this part of your post out and past to my computer screen at work “We need to find a way to be an inspiration to our own part of the world.” I loved those words my friend. So very true!!!

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    • Thank you!! I post ideas and things that I have read on my computer all the time! So sorry that I have been so absent from my blog for the last week or two! One of my husband’s cousins died week before last and it was very unexpected. We were in Houston for part of last week for the memorial service. I thought about you when we were down there, but we were so busy that I did not turn on my laptop at all. We were in the Rice area where he lived and in Spring Branch for the service on Wed. at a Methodist church. His family and close friends went to dinner that evening at this favorite Mexican restaurant! He had been going to that place since he was in college and law school! A happy and fun dinner in the midst of sadness!

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      • We didn’t have time to drive down to Galveston! I tried to talk someone into going, but no luck. All I wanted to do was walk along the beach, maybe just one jump into the water, go to the ice cream place downtown, have dinner at Gaidos, ride the ferry again. Plus drive around and look at beach houses. That is all. I like Galveston!

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      • I have been going to Gaidos since I was a child! We just haven’t been to Galveston for 7 or 8 years…maybe more. We are going to try to go to Port Aransas in Sept or Oct! I like to just sit and listen to the waves coming in! By the way…the traffic is worse than ever in Houston! Too much! Of course, Dallas traffic is not so good either!!

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      • I hadn’t thought about traffic changing when school is out…yes, it is much worse during the school year. I’ll let you know when we are going…depends on if our daughter and son-in-law go along with us. It depends on what her doctor says about travel, but her baby is not due until early December!


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