Pine Cove: Half a century of ministering to the whole family –

Pine Cove two

The following is an article about a wonderful summer camp in East Texas…Pine Cove. Both of our children attended Pine Cove from third grade through their senior year in high school. Our son-in-law also attended Pine Cove. What an amazing experience for our entire family! The friendships, the beautiful setting, the life lessons and the camaraderie of the entire staff are still impacting our lives today!



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Every year, at a camp by a lake in the piney woods of East Texas, the lives of tens of thousands…

Source: Pine Cove: Half a century of ministering to the whole family –


4 thoughts on “Pine Cove: Half a century of ministering to the whole family –

  1. Tell your niece that the camp is located just outside of Tyler on Lake Palestine. It is about 45 minutes from our farm and about 2 1/2 hours from Fort Worth. After you read the article last night, I put some Pine Cove pictures on my part of the post! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that at first! I am so crazy after being in Houston last week! Can’t get back in the blogging groove. I know that I carry on about the camp, but it is simply so wonderful! I would love to work or volunteer there…at any job!! I would like to help prepare meals! That would be fun!


    • Yes it is! It is a totally well-rounded experience with the Bible teachings, expectations, goals, how to handle peer pressure, etc as well as fun! Our son learned to water ski and to sail at Pine Cove. Our daughter also learned how to water ski and wakeboard…but not to sail! I don’t think that anyone could pry her away from the ski boats! There are many other activities plus the best music ever…all faith based…the camp is non-denominational. We first heard about Pine Cove from our pediatrician before they were even old enough to attend. He was roommates with my cousin in medical school so we had known him for a long time…and trusted his judgement! Our son-in-law’s niece went to Pine Cove for her second time recently and our daughter went down with the family to pick her up! There is a big sing-a-long and family gathering time before they dismiss! She was so excited to go back to camp for the “hello family and goodbye camp until next year” program!

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