A cup of tea. A group of friends. Surely happiness is brewing!


teapot six


When I read that the prompt for today is tea, I thought about the above quote and all of the wonderful friends who have come my way through blogging. From Iowa, South Carolina, Texas, California, New York and all across the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Cameroon, India, Dubai, Nigeria, Norway, Japan, China, Iceland, Switzerland, Ireland, Vietnam, Russia, Italy, Canada, Estonia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Singapore, Albania, Argentina, Sweden, Hungary, Indonesia, Belgium, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Paraguay, Czech Republic, Thailand, Mexico, Croatia …and on and on and on.

I thank all of you for your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your proud voices, your talent, your differences, your likenesses, your strong opinions, your faith, your humor, your ability to reach out across the world.


We are indeed involved in a particularly important venture…writing for the sake of the pure spirit of communicating. We are building a world for ourselves that is wider and larger that ever we expected. I do think that we are reaching for a glimmer of understanding…a glimmer of peace…a glimmer of sharing.

Thank you for your friendships. I tell my friends and family about you and they are amazed at how fortunate we are that you are in our world!


teapot four

A true statement…for sure!!



A poem by Kate Greenaway…a children’s book author and illustrator in the latter half of the 19th century…


In the pleasant green garden
  We sat down to tea;
“Do you take sugar?” and
  “Do you take milk?”
She’d got a new gown on–
  A smart one of silk.
We all were so happy
  As happy could be,
On that bright Summer’s day
  When she asked us to tea.



teapot three

Whatever belief we hold…whatever faith we hold, I believe that we do share in the journey of helping those in need…for we already understand friendship.






16 thoughts on “A cup of tea. A group of friends. Surely happiness is brewing!

  1. What an awesome post! But then I really like tea and I love coming over to visit your blog! Win-win. I saw the prompt for tea also and haven’t done anything with that one……yet. Maybe next week something will pop up for that one….until then…I think I will have a cup of tea.

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    • Thank you! I could not even begin to think of something for today’s prompt…and now I can’t even think what it is! No wonder I can’t seem to find an idea! I need a cup of tea too! And maybe a chocolate chip cookie! Surely not! I don’t need a chocolate chip anything at 11:05…do I?

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    • Thank you rabbitpatch! I am wondering how your appraisal went? Yes…we are getting our house ready to put on the market. We intended to do so by now, but Mike has been getting ready to retire for over a year! There were long negotiations to sell the company. We are going to live part time at our farm (about 2 1/2 hours from DFW) and part time in the Fort Worth area. Since our daughter and son-in-law are having a baby in Dec…we can’t be down at the farm all the time!!! We want to sell our house while the prices are high…the market is really great right now. Plus we don’t need so much space. We have enough land at the farm to deal with…it is practically impossible to keep up with everything there when lately we have only been able to go down a couple of times a month or less! So we have lots to do at the farm…a bit of a remodel of the house, a new workshop for Mike plus a metal “pole” fence around the house and the equipment barn area. I have been looking at an automatic gate to drive through…with the logo…Rock Ledge Ranch. I call the place a farm because the original portion was a dairy farm. We don’t have as many barns as you!!! We have the one for the equipment, a hay barn, the original small dairy barn and a utility building. The dairy barn is FULL of stuff…I doubt anything important at all! So…you and I are looking at a change of residence…very exciting! We will get something smaller here… and perhaps in downtown Fort Worth. A condo would do…if we can find one with a reasonable price!


      • the appraisal went well-so very gald that part is over. I sure wish you well in your own endeavor-I understand completely about the work! And the grandchild too-I too live on the remnants of a farm–thank you so much-love Michele


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