Opposites Are Fine. No Kidding!


magnet eleven


I met my husband on a Saturday when I was 24 years old. He is seven years older. He was already established in his career. He was certain about his career. I was still deciding what I might be when I grew up. I am honestly still deciding what I might be if I should ever grow up.

He is quiet and fairly serious. I am talkative and rarely serious. I might be serious for thirty minutes a day. I do have deep thoughts, but I would rather write a story about them. That way…I can ponder the thoughts at a later date. He does not care about writing. I think that he has not recovered from his freshman writing class at UT-Austin. I would still be taking the freshman writing class if I could.

He is tall. I am short. He had dark hair, but it is now gray. I had very blonde hair and now have sometimes blonde hair with a thank you to the beauty shop. In fact, I am very near desperate to get highlights right now. He would never consider changing his hair color. He is logical. I am not logical at all. I dislike math intensely. He is an accountant.


Yes…I met him on a Saturday many years ago. The next day…I told my best friend that I was definitely going to marry him. We had a beautiful wedding two years later. I just knew immediately that he was the right one.




magnet two



A sample of some interesting magnets…






And…my husband and I with our daughter and son-in-law, December 2016!


Christmas, 2016









5 thoughts on “Opposites Are Fine. No Kidding!

  1. Yes, opposites do attract ans that seems like it should not be that way. But, I guess we balance each other when we are opposites. Thanks for sharing your nice family photo. My husband is 6 years older than me and was established in his career and I was still debating what I wanted to be. My husband and I have had many happy decades together as a married couple. Aint life grand.

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