Red River, New Mexico. Families. Fun. Favorite Summer Destination!


 red river three

Red River, New Mexico…a small town with fun for all ages!


For seven consecutive summers when our children were growing up, we spent our vacation at the scenic mountain town of Red River, New Mexico. The first summer that we traveled somewhere else, we stopped in Red River on the way home. We had planned on a different route home, but there was such begging from our children…plus my husband and I felt the same way! Our children grew up and we still feel the same way about Red River! We missed the ambiance, the western atmosphere and the mountain trails. Other nearby vacation locations…none compare to Red River!

We missed our annual Red River trail ride…the first place that both of our children first rode a horse for a long length of time…especially in a high mountain setting. At first, I was not comfortable at all riding on a relatively narrow trail…but, that feeling subsided as I began to trust the experienced trail leader.



red river five

Not that I trusted myself on a horse at all…however, none of my family members felt the same way. And besides, the beautiful and totally natural surroundings took over my trepidation. 


There are countless activities to fill a summer vacation in Red River…as well as a winter ski vacation. Most of our experiences have been in the summer…because of the cool mountain air and the triple digit temperature that we thankfully left in Texas.



red river nine

Some of our favorite activities in the small town of Red River (besides riding horses!) included the following:  

      1. Renting a jeep to explore the many trails.

      2. Hiking anywhere and everywhere.

     3. Fishing in cool mountain streams

     4. History walking tours.

     5. Music venues.

     6. Mountain bike riding

    7. Shopping in small stores along the one street.

    8. Riding the ski lifts even in the summer.

    9. Having a picnic at the city park.

   10. Walking along the river that runs through town.

   11. White water rafting.

   12. Reading, relaxing and reflecting!



red river eight

red river seven

red river six

red river one

Pictured above are samples of the abundant scenery around Red River.


A favorite family experience from Red River…we were having dinner at a steak restaurant near our cabin. Our children were taking their sweet time finishing their dinners…talking and listening to the music. The waiter said…


“Don’t worry! Just take the plates with you. I’ll get you some foil to cover them. Just bring back the plates tomorrow!”


Ahh!!! Red River…where the air is cool and everyone you meet is friendly!!


9 thoughts on “Red River, New Mexico. Families. Fun. Favorite Summer Destination!

  1. Love New Mexico – have been all over that state. People do not realize all the beautiful things there are to see in New Mexico. Seems you had a great time in the Red River area. 🙂


  2. Loved this story! I especially liked where the waiter told you to just bring the plates back the next day. I wonder if they would do that today?
    Life was much more trusting back then it seems.
    This looks like a place my husband and I need to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! You do need to go! It is fairly close to Taos and about 1 1/2 hours from Santa Fe. Might be longer! Red River is so casual. We were there just a few years ago…on the way back from Colorado and nothing had really changed! Just a little town that has nice ski runs in the winter and a wonderful summer season! So very laid-back!! Santa Fe is very cool and hip! But you can get some great jewelry that is sold on the square! Lots of art galleries, but a world away from Red River!

      Liked by 1 person

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