Where there are flowers…love abides.


The Azaleas and Japanese Maple Tree in our front yard.


Azaleas have a special place in my heart. My parents had a yard filled with the tallest pine trees and the most colorful Azaleas imaginable to a child. As a family, we immersed ourselves in taking care of the flowers, lush green grass and those tall pine trees.

There were most likely other trees in our yard, but I have no idea what they were. And there were most likely other flowers, but what were they? I just do not know. When the Azaleas started blooming, my eyes were totally on those flowers. After I met my husband, I found out that he felt the same way about his parent’s yard and the Azaleas in front of their house.

Isn’t it wonderful how some people are placed together who have similar feelings about home. The land at our farm is filled with tall pine trees and pastures where wildflowers grow profusely in the spring. When we first drove by our current home in Dallas/Fort Worth, we knew immediately that we were interested…because of the yard. We were just lucky that there was a “for sale” sign out front.


“Nature is a revelation of God;

Art a revelation of man.”

 ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

Was it really luck or a large amount of help from above? We had been looking at homes with a realtor for weeks in suburban areas. The realtor had never shown us houses in this neighborhood. In fact, she was not even familiar with the area. Sometimes, realtors just focus on one particular area where they think the quickest, most profitable sales will occur. We found the house when we were driving around and almost getting lost on a Sunday afternoon.

It happened to be late Springtime when we first saw the house…the trees were large and full, the grass was very green and there were flowers! We were sold before we stepped foot inside the house. Shows you what curb appeal means to a buyer! The house turned out to be a wonderful place and a fun yard for our children as they were growing up. Our two children were totally immersed in the fun of playing outside in their yard…just as we both were immersed in the fun of playing outside when we were growing up!

It was not long before we planted some beautiful Azaleas and a Japanese Maple to the other flowers and trees in our yard. As shown in the above picture…they flourished with an abundance of love and care!




7 thoughts on “Where there are flowers…love abides.

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  2. A beautiful story of a house in the country and your family. We have lived in the country for the last 30 years and we cannot imagine living in town . Beautiful and peaceful in the country. Very nice post.

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    • Thank you so much!! I so appreciate you reading my post! Yes..living out from the city is so very peaceful! The city is quickly moving out to the suburbs where we live! Our farm is about two hours away…and where we will move when my husband retires. Soon! We will still have a place (with less maintenance!) up here so we can be close part of the time to future grandchildren!

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