Appreciating Nature and Friends.


Chapel at Top of the Rock…Big Cedar Lodge…Ridgedale, Missouri

The magnitude of nature in Ridgedale, Missouri surprises me even more on each visit to Big Cedar Lodge, located on Table Rock Lake. Big Cedar has become one of our favorite vacation places. Peacefulness and tranquility mixed with an abundance of fun activities are the most obvious and important components. On second thought, the sheer surrounding beauty of the Ozark Mountains is an added near perfect bonus.


A waterfall at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.

We just returned from yet another trip to Big Cedar. We cannot seem to stay away! Our very close friends met us in Missouri and we packed every activity possible into each day. We visited the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and rode a tram through the park on winding roads that were punctuated by waterfalls, springs bubbling from the ground,  and creeks overflowing with trout. Happy people were in abundance…walking/jogging, riding on bicycles, and attempting to ride on segways! In this contentious election time, hearing the laughter of friends and the laughter of even those unknown to us was a very welcome respite! We needed this special time!


A bridge on the golf cart cave tour at Top of the Rock, Big Cedar Lodge.

Big Cedar Lodge is filled with small details…as portrayed in the following short video:

Yes…we had a wonderful time with friends. How can we measure the worth of a friendship? Perhaps…by many years of spending Thanksgiving together…by watching our children grow up, go to college, begin careers, begin families…by an abundance of shared memories through difficult times of loss and incredibly joyful times of simple moments…by knowing that we will be there for each other and our combined families. During our times with friends last week and last year, we realized one of the most essential parts of life…we must take the time to be together and see the beauty of our surroundings.


The beginning of fall colors at Big Cedar Lodge.

Big Cedar Lodge happens to be one of our places to find joy and appreciation for nature and for friends. I imagine and I sincerely hope that you have such a place. It could be as near as your backyard or seven hours away… no matter…the first step is to figure out where to find such tranquility. After all…we all need more peace and laughter in our lives.


The beauty of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

4 thoughts on “Appreciating Nature and Friends.

    • We had a wonderful time! The leaves were really just starting to turn because of the recent warm weather (I guess!). Everything was still very pretty. We just started to go to Big Cedar about three years ago…I had never been to Missouri before that. We have good friends in Tulsa and they have always gone to Big Cedar and Branson a lot, but Tulsa is way closer than Fort Worth! The drive is well worth it! Yes, it is such a blessing to go on a little vacation with friends! This is our first time to get to take a trip in the fall since we were first married! Our friends both work for a school district…she is a principal…but, they were able to take a few days off!! Yea!!!

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