Our Land. The Pipeline. Share?

I have decided to reblog my August 2 post in light of current arguments concerning a North Dakota crude oil pipeline. The Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes say the project will desecrate sacred land. I certainly can understand the dismay that many will have if the pipeline construction moves forward.


The pasture with a viewLocation of the pipeline.

Response to Daily Prompt: Profound

Actually, we absolutely and profoundly love to share our land with friends and family. We know that we are very honored to have such a farm…that began it’s existence as a dairy. My husband’s family has owned this land for well over 100 years and we are quite simply stewards…to keep it intact and safe and treasured for future generations. We take this important responsibility very seriously.

Our daughter and son grew up knowing that the farm is vital to our family heritage. They knew that many of our weekends would be spent over two hours away from our home in the city. They never resented the time away from friends…in fact, they totally embraced the idea of having a farm and understood what it took to keep it going.

When they were very young, they learned to fix fences, clear brush…

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