Almost Winter in Fort Worth?


Yes or No?

Perhaps I slightly exaggerated the weather, but think about it…76 degrees in September in Texas is downright chilly. I love it! I think that I should take my waterproof PLAYGROUND COAT to the cleaners tomorrow. I guess that I should change the coat name to something else, since I no longer have 22 children to take out to the playground on cold days. How about MALL COAT? Or the GOING OUT TO LUNCH COAT? Or the I NOW HAVE MY FREEDOM FROM SCHOOL COAT?

Oops ! I checked the temperature again and it is now up to 77 degrees. In Texas, the next step may be 95 degrees. One never really knows. Nevertheless, I might want to put a cold (maybe just cool) weather wardrobe together. The following are some truly outstanding choices followed by the inevitable “I won’t even consider wearing that” choices.

Truly Outstanding Winter Choices:

1. This elegantly styled winter coat with matching neutral scarf is versatile and simplistic. The short boots are so stylish this year…good news for the short me.


2. This would be a perfect playground coat if I had a playground to go to…however, I can think of plenty of occasions where this coat would be perfect. I like the buttons even though they look a bit out of sync with each other!



3. This royal blue short boot is the best looking boot that I have seen for the new  winter season. I like the color, the contrasting materials, the zipper, and the heel height.


4. Shown is a timeless and well put together casual outfit. The tweed (or what I call tweed) appears to be several shades of brown blended together with a touch of neutral. The red shirt, the boots, and the purse complete a great look. Now to be able to fit into pants that slender! Help!




5. I believe that I am stuck on scarves again this year. They are pretty and warm and can combine with so many colors and styles. This one looks like it might be big enough to be called a shawl. I really need this one, even if the winter forgets to come to Texas!



6. Even with the pink sweater, I like the idea of this circle scarf. That might not be the correct description, but the word circle works for me. I simply like the look!



7. I am crazy about this tall boot, but doubt it would work for me. I am so lacking on height, but it is so very unusual. There are so many interesting details such as the stitching near the toe box. I have not seen any boots quite like these in any of the stores that I have been to recently.



8. First of all, I would forget the flat hat for me. The cut of the jacket, the material, the matching bag (at least, it looks like it matches) are classic. I am wild about this jacket and I realize that it most likely looks like most of the jackets in my closet. I said that to my daughter because I know exactly what she will say!!!




 The “Won’t Even Consider Wearing That”

Winter Choices:


1. I cannot handle the Big Bird coat AT ALL!



2. What is this anyway? I do not have any understanding.




Just Forget Winter in Texas.

I have some more outfits that will never be under consideration, but I cannot explain what they are or why they exist. Anyway…  why in the world am I looking at winter clothes? The temperature might be 85 degrees next Sunday. I can put up with my summer clothes until we get some definite word on winter’s arrival. Who knows? Fall may last two days and winter may last one day. I will not purchase the blue boots yet.


8 thoughts on “Almost Winter in Fort Worth?

  1. haha – I love your ‘wouldn’t consider wearing’ ones, they make me laugh 🙂 I’m considering the big bird one for the school run. But I’m more likely to get something like number 2. Glad to see some tartan there 🙂 Some nice choices again.

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    • Thank you! I couldn’t resist writing another post about clothes when I happened to see the shocking reality of the Big Bird look-a-like!! You may be leaning toward #2, but I will vote for #1 for the school run. You would lose some of the “feathers” and that would be very attractive!

      Liked by 1 person

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