Texas Weather. Quick Jeopardy

school clouds

Texas Weather!

Response to Daily Prompt: Jeopardy

Some people in Texas have been known to say…”News events are like Texas weather. If you don’t like it, wait a minute!”…so true! Just this past week, I left about 1:00 in the afternoon to run a few errands. No Jeopardy from the weather today! Sunshine! No Clouds! Not 101 degrees like last week! Wonderful weather. In less than fifteen minutes, I walked out of a store and this is what I saw:

Storm Cloud

And the clouds became darker and darker before I even pulled out of the parking lot, but no rain. Probably won’t rain. No thunder. So I drove to the mall…a distance of about two miles. After I parked and before I could out of my car…this happened:


A total deluge of rain began (my radio said…”flash flood alert!”). Help! I simply sat in my car. No way did I want to get in the way of a flash flood. All I originally wanted to do was to buy one wedding gift. Of course, there was no umbrella in my car. How could the weather change so quickly? The weather person just made a big mistake. “Beautiful weather this afternoon! Watch out for storms tomorrow.” Oh…just one day off. That’s not bad. I listened to the rain and to Adele. Nice combination. Sort of peaceful.

car dashboard

Adele finished taking care of the rain and the deluge stopped immediately. Adele is the best at everything, I suppose. The temperature was 89 degrees. Who can complain about that when usual August days are three digits. And our yard really needed the rain more than I needed to purchase the wedding gift. I left to go on back home…only ten minutes or so away. And this is what I found as I turned the corner into our neighborhood:


 A few wispy clouds, mostly blue sky, no rain had fallen at all in my neighborhood. Texas weather. You never know. And believe me…Texas weather can put you in some mighty big jeopardy. Tornadoes can happen so quickly. And hail. And high wind. And floods. But…

Snow and Ice…Rarely!



5 thoughts on “Texas Weather. Quick Jeopardy

  1. Come on down this winter…..I will introduce you to our constant winter companions – Snow & Ice. We feel lucky if the snow does not start till December and we don’t start with an ice storm and finish in the spring with an ice storm. My husband always wonders why we stay…..I tell him it is because we don’t have earthquakes here.


    • Ha! Ha! Earthquakes would be way worse than snow and ice…I guess! I’ve never been in an earthquake.
      There have been some small ones in the area and in Oklahoma…because of fracking on gas wells. Whatever that is! I love to be in snowy places! We have been to Colorado during Christmas several times and I loved it! I suppose it would get tiring though. Pretty…to be sure!


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      • It is very pretty. I don’t mind snow as much as I mind ice. I am getting to old to be skating across the yard to do chicken chores. At least the snow I can shove around…it is also much better than below zero temps.

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      • In a rare ice storm about 12 years ago, I fell on ice at the Texas Girls’ Choir bldg. in Fort Worth. Our daughter was in the choir for over 7 years…very fun until the ice day! I was helping with ticket sales after teaching all day. The streets were fairly ok so I thought the sidewalk was ok. Not at all ok. I fell and landed on both knees. I totally ruined my knees. What a total nutcase I am! I had to have both knees replaced! And to think…I was just volunteering!! No ice for me!!

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