Listen…Young Me…Listen!!

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 Response to Daily Prompt: Youth

Youth is an escape artist. One day, you are invincible and infinite. The next day, you are skeptical and insightful. The day after that arrives and you are seemingly finite and invisible. The first day may last for 25 years, the second day for 30 years. The third day may last for the rest of your life…if you let it.

But…don’t you let it. Somehow revive your youthful self and take away the finite and invisible thoughts. Being negative will get you absolutely on the wrong tracks. Just because you are not youthful…just because you may walk slightly less than perfect…just because your wrist hurts from arthritis when you carry something heavy (getting personal here!)…just because you might not be running a marathon…LISTEN…you still have the ability to move mountains with your strongest thoughts, your most immortal words, and your experienced-filled actions.

You are the same youthful person inside…you are actually a better rendition of the same youthful person. I am thinking of myself here…I could be brazen and bold one minute when I was very young and incredibly shy the next minute. I didn’t know me. I didn’t know who I wanted to me. I didn’t know how to successfully set goals until I was well out of college. I didn’t know how to play by the team rules and…at the same time…encourage new, better rules.

I am certain that I thought that I knew everything when I was 22, 25, 30. That is why I say…”Listen…Young Me… Listen”! Don’t ever think that you know everything! Don’t be afraid to try something new! Don’t be afraid to be a leader and not a follower! Don’t be afraid to work smart, work long hours, be competitive! By the time I was 40, I had figured out what to do about most of these problem areas. What if I had listened when I was 25? What would have happened? Would I have gone to law school like I considered? Would I have opened a business like I considered? Would I have taken a year off to travel around the world to find the real me like I considered? Would I have written the book that I kept thinking about like I considered? Who knows the answers.

What I do know is that it is never too late to regain some of that sheer energy and excitement of youth. Some of the younger people that you work with may think your ideas are not current…that your ideas are not with the program. Get yourself current in whatever way necessary and prove through your success what your ideas can achieve.

During my last two years of teaching, I felt a difference in attitude toward me (and other older teachers) from a few much younger teachers…even when our classes were highly achieving.  It was just a handful of people. They only seemed to respect their peers. I knew that their attitudes were very improper and not based on best practices. I didn’t have to say a word. I had learned to have strength and confidence and I knew that sooner than they think…they will be the older ones. Perhaps they will eventually learn something from their actions. They are already a bit past youthful.

Youth is fleeting. Youth is filled with regretful as well as prideful actions. I would say to my youthful self…keep on being you, but learn to be a better you as soon as possible. You will make it. You will have at least two joyous and fulfilling careers. I would say to the young me…don’t forget that you like to write. The written word should never lose vitality, warmth, and true feelings. To the older me…do you understand? Yes! I think that I really do understand!

Listen…Older Me…Listen!



9 thoughts on “Listen…Young Me…Listen!!

  1. Ah yes our youthful self, there are really so many reasons to want to be youthful again, at least physically! I have had discussions with friends “If we only knew back then what we know now, we would be so smart”! Life would perhaps be different, at least for me. Alas, we will never go back in age so move forward and pass on as much wisdom and knowledge as we can to those younger than us.


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  3. I so love this post, just yesterday I was thinking of writing a letter to my 18year old self, the things I would have advised myself to do…learning not to do all I can while this youth is fleeting


  4. My husband and I often discuss this and wish we knew back then what we know now……but would we have believed it? Perhaps not? When thinking of youth I love the verse Ecclesiastes 11:9.
    One more thought. Keep rejoicing and learning……we will never be this young again :).

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    • Yes, that is a wonderful verse. Actually, I love many verses in Ecclesiastes. I think that I will read some now. Along those same lines…when I decided to go back to graduate school for elementary administration…I mentioned it to my principal. I was already over 45 and I thought that I had waited too long. He said…”Mrs. Davis, you are going to be 50 and 55 and 60 someday. You can be those ages with or without the degree you want”. I sent in the application that night. Guess what…all of the people in my group were about the same age as me!

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