B&W Photo Challenge Reveal!

My portion of the B&W Photo Challenge is completed! Through the process, I found myself remembering the many hours that I spent in the photo lab in college. I was so thrilled to learn how to develop film and how to take B&W pictures that would pop on the newspaper page. 


Evidently, I forgot everything that I learned in the darkroom! I still have my favorite photos from college (naturally!)  …the ones that I enlarged and mounted. I have no idea what I thought I would do with those mounted pictures! When I get the nerve, I will look at them again! I think that they are in the attic…what a very risky thought!






Day #1…Top of the Rock at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.


Justin's truck

Day #2…Our son’s 1958 Chevrolet ApacheTruck.


owl in the tree

Day #3…Halloween (very loud) owl in the tree.


Big Cedar top of bridge

Day #4…Top of wooden covered bridge at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.



Day #5…Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.


My classroom room

Day #6…Card from one of my Kindergarten students.



Day #7…Fence post at our farm with barn in the background.




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