A Collection of 4th of July Crafts For Kids!

fourth craft

A favorite…the clothespin wreath…our wreath was a bit disorganized compared to this one! However, it was still very beautiful to us!


I loved making any and all crafts with my Kindergarten students! Of course, we were never in school on the 4th of July! So our own children had fun making some of the same crafts pictured below.



In fact, I am sure that we still have most ~if not all~ of their creations. Where?! Who knows?! Just tucked away safely in a box! Some things are just to special to simply throw away!!!



#1 Idea!

fourth craft seven



#2 Idea!

fourth craft six


#3 Idea!

fourth craft two



#4 Idea!

fourth craft five



#5 Idea!





#6! An idea from Parent’s Magazine!!


Patriotic wind socks






And one super cute watermelon idea!


watermelon fourth of July



4 thoughts on “A Collection of 4th of July Crafts For Kids!

  1. They are all adorable ideas. I love kids crafts. Its so fun working with kids and seeing their cute little smiles. I recently had the opportunity to host a birthday party for my niece who is about to be 8. We made Dream catchers. They had the best time.! Very cute to watch and fun to interact with them.

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