Monday Pictures…Our East Texas Farm. Just a Trace of Sunshine!

Farm L

When we were at our farm this past weekend, I thought that it would be fun to take some “beginning of the summer” pictures to place on my blog. Not really a good idea at all!




As soon as I got out the door ready with my camera…




This happened time after time. 

When I heard thunder in the distance, I went in the house and had a snack or three or four. So frustrated! As it turned out, a tornado hit about 35 miles away. The clouds certainly don’t look serious in any of the pictures. Texas weather can be very deceiving!


My not so great pictures…with just a trace of sunshine!












Farm B



Farm D



Farm I



Farm H



Farm N





9 thoughts on “Monday Pictures…Our East Texas Farm. Just a Trace of Sunshine!

    • There was a tornado a couple of weeks ago in a small town not too far away. It just barely touched down. We were not at the farm…up here. We think that the tree toppled over during that storm. Mike is trying to complete closing out the business. It sold March 1…can’t recall if I told you! Mike didn’t cut that hay, but we have the equipment. We are just not there enough right now with the business selling (1 1/2 years to sell because of negotiations)…we will move there part-time in a few months. Finally! We leased out a large pasture to the Dutch dairy farmer across the road and he uses one of our barns. Looks like the barn has overflowed!!! So glad to hear from you!!!


  1. Glad to know that the tornado was a bit away and all are safe. We had rain and thunderstorm last night in El Paso, after a beautiful day. As you said, Texas weather can be very deceiving. The pictures in the post are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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