The Option To Survive Despite Trepidation.

survival five

Fear and struggles in life can leave a person empty. No doubt about it. Sometimes, the smallest struggle can seem monumental. Sometimes, the smallest fear can seem monumental. We have all felt this way. Worry about small happenings can border on behavior that considers only ourselves. In light of recent occurrences in our world, I think that we need to broaden our scope. 


survival six


Take the time to look at the big picture. Think of a way to help someone in need. Most likely…there are families in your own town that are struggling to survive.


survival two


Find them. Help them. Talk to them. Survival can be a gift. A gift from you. 

survival three


Share a message of hope…just one step towards a sense of peace. What else can we personally do at this moment in time? Take the first step.


survival four


2 thoughts on “The Option To Survive Despite Trepidation.

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