The Kentucky Derby. I Better Not Attend.

derby three

I better not attend the Kentucky Derby today. It will much better for me not to attend. Once again, I will watch the race in the comfort of my own home…the house that needs to be straightened up a bit. Nothing worse than watching the Kentucky Derby in a house that is not particularly and perfectly tidy. Well…one thing is worse…what if I had no snacks and no drinks? Shameful!


Don’t worry one little bit…I always have snacks. And I will vacuum before the horses begin the race…before they even leave the barns. I can somehow get my entire act together!


Here They Come
(c) Dave Black

And they’re off!!


One problem…the reason I certainly am not invited to Louisville, Kentucky for the big race…I DO NOT OWN A FANCY HAT!


Fortunately…I have put together a collection of potential hats for next year. Yes…2018 will be my Kentucky Derby attendance year. Unless I am invited to Hawaii or perhaps Switzerland for the month of May. If so, forget the Kentucky Derby for me!


derby two

And Now…My Better Than Best Hat Choices For Next Year…


hat two


hat three


hat six

hat seven

***The hat pictured above is my favorite because of the monogram! Some people from Texas sort of like their initials on things…no idea why!***

hat one


hat five


hat eight


As In Any Race Of This Magnitude…There Are The Losers. And Now For The Incredibly Lousy Hats…According To Me!


pitiful hat two


pitiful hat three


pitiful hat one


pitiful hat four


pitiful hat five

Double dislike on the feather disaster pictured above!


 Send In Your Vote For The Winner!!!

Decisions, Decisions!!!


11 thoughts on “The Kentucky Derby. I Better Not Attend.

    • i think that the first hat is very, very pretty and I would certainly wear it! I have no idea where I would go with that hat on…but, I would figure something out! The black hat is very sophisticated, but the monogrammed hat is still my favorite! I am glad that you love the last hat with all those feathers!!! I am trying to like it!!! Promise!!!


  1. I love the very first hat and I am not even sure why…probably just because it is big and kind of fluffy looking.
    That feathered disaster looks rather like a bird smashed into her hat and did not make it out alive! I have to admit the flamingo one made me laugh….a lot!
    My uncle and aunt went to the Kentucky Derby last year. It was always on his bucket list and when he retired their kids gave them that for a retirement/Christmas present. They also told him he should not expect that type of gift again anytime soon LOL! They had a blast and yes….my aunt had a lovely large hat.

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    • How really exciting that your aunt and uncle went to the Kentucky Derby!! What a wonderful present! I think that Mike & I need a retirement trip! But, he is not yet completely retired. The company finally sold (after 1 1/2 years of negotiation-crazy!), but he is still closing out the books on the original company. You know…he is Mr. Do Everything Just Right! Anyway, we could go on a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC…yes, that is it! About the feather hat…I feel so sorry for the bird! I wonder if it is an endangered species! I could no believe the flamingo problematic hat! The first hat is really pretty and I would wear that one, but my true favorite is the one with the monogram!!


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