Filtering Fear and Noise



Rodeo cowboys must be either totally crazy or more confident than is necessary.

They filter out the fear. They filter out the noise.

Clearly, a rodeo cowboy’s confidence is often very outweighed by failure. And then…they try again and again…day after day after day…rodeo after rodeo. When I stop and think about it…maybe we all need a quick dose of that confidence.

Well…perhaps we need the confidence with the horses and bulls very absent. And while we are at it…filter out the fear and the noise!

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo has another week to go before the 2017 show is complete. As I wrote earlier, this is my second post about Fort Worth’s legendary rodeo…I suppose that the tradition of the Stock Show & Rodeo is important to me!

Besides…this time the videos have decided to post correctly…I hope!!


3 thoughts on “Filtering Fear and Noise

  1. I think that confidence comes from how you look at the challenge; I have to win against I’m good enough to try this massive thing, I’ll keep trying. My daughters’ were in a 2 state Special Olympics event in equestrian their grandma wondered whether they would cope because they were in a class with a Paralympian who represented Australia; my daughter finished her first event and said “Can you believe I was in the same race with …!” This made her happier than coming 2nd and a lot happier than coming 1st (in a later event) when the front runner had horse trouble. When you can see small wins along the way I think it is easier to keep motivated.


  2. When our daughter was in high school, she was in FFA and really enjoyed it. Most all of the boys were into rodeo. Even though we are in the suburbs and not out in the country, our high school has a huge FFA program. Our daughter showed (I may have already told you this!) Brahmas for two years. Of course, Mike loved it and I did too…but I was no help whatsoever. We traveled all over the place with those heifers and became friends with the other parents…of course we became friends…those are just about the only people we saw on Saturdays for two years! All of the mothers cooked (?) for everyone in our group…in the cow barns at stock shows and rodeos…Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and every small town between those places. Therefore…our daughter absolutely loves rodeos and stock shows! I thought for sure that she would want to try barrel racing, but thank goodness she didn’t. What she would like is a cutting horse to train and to enter in contests. I have no idea who would pay for that cutting horse! I would rather take a trip somewhere or like maybe…buy groceries. Now that she is married…she and her husband can buy that horse!


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