Sunshine at a Hospital.


Patients and visitors at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem heard the sounds of sunshine when a student group surprised them with a uplifting and joyful song. Thirty-five students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance played a concert throughout the hospital. As part of the academy’s Community & Youth Project, over 300 students from disadvantaged areas receive the opportunity to study serious music and dance.

One of the highlights of the concert happened to be one of my favorite Beatles songs…“Here Comes the Sun”. The concert began in the lobby and moved around to other areas…violins and other instruments included. Flash Mob concerts have been featured on YouTube and also on Facebook…somehow I missed this one.

I always think about how much confidence it would take to suddenly begin to sing or begin to play an instrument in an unsuspecting setting.

And I always think about the happiness it brings to the participants and the audience. 

In the video you can see the faces of the doctors, nurses, patients and visitors as they begin to sing along with the music. Perhaps the load of a difficult day was made light by the lilting lyrics and melody. For a short while on a busy day…the sun did truly shine…all because of the joy of the mutual language of the world…the sound of music.



4 thoughts on “Sunshine at a Hospital.

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  2. I hope your friend’s dad came successfully through the procedure. I can only imagine how she felt when the children started singing! I am so intrigued how some people can be so brave…to just start singing or playing an instrument in the midst of a crowd! I loved this video when I happened to find it on YouTube. I really was looking for a video of Jon Bon Jovi and Bettye Lavette singing “A Change is Gonna’ Come” during the time of Obama’s initial Inaugaration. I think that it was at a concert the day before. I might not have liked everything about the concert, but their duet was beautiful! Anyway, I would like for to hear people just start singing a heartwarming song…and to watch the reaction of the listeners!


  3. I have a friend who had this same experience when she was at Mayo with her dad. (He was having his leg amputated due to an infection they could not get rid of.) She said a choir of kids came in and started singing. It made the entire day shine!

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